The 80s Hair Band and Punk quiz!

How much do you know about these 20 hair band and punk artists?

Question 1:Who is the bassist of Motley Crue?
Benjamin Orr
Bobby Dall
Richie Sambora
Nikki Sixx
Question 2:Which group had hit singles such as "Talk Dirty to me" and "Every rose has its thorn"?
Motley Crue
Van Halen
Question 3:Who is the drummer for the group The Go-Gos?
Tommy Lee
Rikki Rockett
Gina Shock
David Robinson
Question 4:Which group had a hit single with the song "You Spin me round (like a record)"?
Tears for Fears
Dexy's Midnight Runners
Dead Or Alive
Question 5:Who is the Keyboardist for The Cars?
Nikki Sixx
Belinda Carlisle
David Bryan
Greg Hawkes
Question 6:Which group had a hit single with the song "Kyrie"?
Mr. Big
The New York Dolls
The Ramones
Question 7:Which Punk legend died in 2000 and also had a bar/cafe named after him?
Roxy Music (The Roxy)
Joey Ramone (Joey Ramone's place)
M (the M)
Benjamin Orr (Orr)
Question 8:Which group had hits with "MY sharona" and "Good Girls don't"?
The Velvet Underground
The Knack
The Grateful Dead
Question 9:Richie Sambora is linked to what music group? (hint: he's also the bassist)
Def Leppard
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
Question 10:Which beatle was shot four times in NY in 1980?
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
George Harrisson
Question 11:Which solo artist had hit singles such as "Goody Two Shoes" and "Strip"?
Ric Ocasek
Roger Daltrey
John Waite
Adam Ant
Question 12:The Song "Bette Davis eyes" belongs to what artist?
Joan Jett
Kim Carnes
Question 13:Who was Madonna's first producer?
Mutt Lange
Mike Shipley
Ric Ocasek (it could happen...)
Nile Rogers
Question 14:Which group had a music video that first introduced a technique called "Morphing" with the song "Cry"?
Tommy Tutone
Godley and Creme
The New York Dolls
Question 15:Which group issued the album "The Joshua Tree"?
The Scorpions
Quiet Riot
Great White
Question 16:Which group had the song "Once Bitten twice shy"?
Quiet Riot
Twisted Sister
Great White
Question 17:Which group is Robert Plant linked to?
Def Leppard
Deep Purple
The Buggles
Led Zepplin
Question 18:Peter Gabriel is linked to what group?
Generation x
Question 19:Billy Idol was first linked to a group called what?
Grease Monkeys
Generation X
Question 20:Last of all... what's every rock star's favorite cosmetic? HINT:: It's used for the hair!
Aqua Net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hair GEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Quiz has been designed by Rikku80sFreak.