What will you be When you Grow Up?

Did you ever wonder what you will be when you grow up? This test will tell you today!!!

Question 1:Do you like animals?
They help the business
No, they can kill you!
YES!!!!!! ANIMALS ARE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're ok
Get them away from me!!
Question 2:Do you squirm at the sight of blood?
I dunno
Ewwwwww!! Get it away from me!!!!
No, I'm ok with it
It depends...
I'll bring you to the nurse straight away!!!!!!
Question 3:Do you like little kids?
Little animals...
Of course!!!!!! They are the cutest things!
Happy Meal coming right up!
Yes, if they aren't screaming and shouting.
They love me more than I love them
Question 4:Do you love yourself?
Not, exactly.......
Me and the animals!!!
Of course, I save people's lives!!
Duh!!!!!! I am the best!!!
You have to love yourself or nobody will love you!
Question 5:What comes to mind when you here the word money?
A new pet!!!!!!!
My job
Cash register
Let's go shopping!!!!!!!!!
Question 6:What's your favorite T.V station?
Animal Planet
Discovery Health
Discovery Clannel
Food Network
Question 7:What's your favorite thing to read?
Zoo brochures
Patient reports
Question 8:What is your favorite season?
Does it matter?
Question 9:What do you live in?
In a house
In my trailor
I have a home
A mansion
In a log cabin
Question 10:What is your favorite pasttime?
Playing store
Playing with my pets
Playing hospital
Putting on performances

This Quiz has been designed by Staci and Lindsay.