What Type Of Dog Are You?

Which dog do you act most like? With this quiz you will find out!!

Question 1:Are You Cautious of jumping in the water RIGHT when you get into the pool or water?
Yes, I have to take steps, not just jump in!
I LOVE the water, I just jump right in!
I do both, it matters how cold it is!!
Question 2:How do you act around your friends?
I act very shy.
I think twice about what I say, so I look cool!
I joke around and have a good time, without even trying!
Question 3:Have you ever had Zucchini?
No, and I'll never try them!!
Yes, and I never want them again!
I'll try anything!!
Question 4:Do you stand up for yourself?
Yes, Of Course!! I'll do anything to save myself!
I need someone to fight for me!
Sometimes, it depends on the situation.
Question 5:Are You tall or short?
I am very short.
I guess I'm right in the middle.
I'm very tall!!!
Question 6:Do Loud noises scare you?
No, I'm fine with them.
It depends on the sound.
I TOTALLY freak out!!!
Question 7:What do you like to put on your sandwich?
Question 8:Where do you sleep?
With a Sibling.
With my parents.
In My own bed.
Question 9:Do you eat a LOT?
Not that much, I guess.
I eat average.
A lot. I'm a hungry lil' person!!
Question 10:What color is your hair?

This Quiz has been designed by Jili & Courts.