Are You a Ferret?

Well... are you a ferret?

Question 1:Do you have whiskers?
Yes *sniff*.
Define 'whiskers'.
Question 2:Do you take deep interest in things that rattle?
Lemme see it!
Um... no.
Depends on what it is...
Question 3:Do you walk on four feet with you back arched?
Yes, fancy isn't it?
Alright... no.
If I m playing, yes.
Question 4:Do you have fur?
Define 'fur'
Yup, its soft.
Question 5:Do you live in a cage?
My cage, sweet cage.
No, I live in a house.
I guess...
Question 6:Does your heart beat 220-250 beats per minute?
If I m scared.
Sure does!
Question 7:Are you long and thin?
I'm tall and thin.
Question 8:Do you have little bear like ears?
Umm... define 'bear like'
Yes, aren’t they cute?
Question 9:Do you have beady little eyes?
Yup, they are adorable.
My ferret does.
Question 10:Do you enjoy chasing balls?
Sometimes, depends if I m playful.
Ok... this is weird. NO!
Oooooo! Can we? Please?!

This Quiz has been designed by Cassie.