How much do *you* know about "Grease"?

Find out if you really *do* know a lot about the hit musical.

Question 1:What good luck charm does Kenickie have?
four-leaf clover
rabbit's foot
Question 2:What song does Sandy play on the jukebox?
"It's Raining On Prom Night"
"Freddy My Love"
"Alone at the Drive-In Movie"
Question 3:Who seems to pop up every time the saxophone plays in "Hand Jive"?
Cha Cha
Question 4:Who walks behind Patty Simcox while she's dancing in front of the camera?
Question 5:What does Cha Cha say when she finally gets hold of Danny?
"Forget Sandy, and dance with *me*!"
"Come on, Zuko! We'll show 'em."
Question 6:Who sings the line, "Did ya get very far?" in "Summer Nights"?
Danny and Doody
Kenickie and Sonny
Doody and Putzie
Question 7:Who plays the secretary (Blanche)?
Dody Goodman
Alice Ghostly
Eve Arden
Question 8:Who plays Principal McGee?
Eve Arden
Dody Goodman
Alice Ghostly
Question 9:Who plays Coach Calhoun?
Frankie Avalon
Jeff Conaway
Sid Cesar
Question 10:What was one of the "provisions" that Putzie showed Jan?
Hershey kiss
spray candy
Hershey bar

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