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Call yourself a Star Wars fan, well if you really are then take the ultimate star wars test to find out whether you as thick as Jar Jar Binks or as wise as Yoda!

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    In what year was Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope released?

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Poo (30061)
28 days ago
REVAN (91695)
45 days ago
11/15. I spend to much time in kotor lol.
mdoodoo (21005)
117 days ago
star wars was renamed EPISODE 4; A NEW HOPE in 1985. so i got that one correct.
A POTATO (89838)
121 days ago
This was so easy but I only got 14/15 XD lololol
Cable (39766)
151 days ago
LOVE Star Wars! This quiz was a walk in the park! It was fun, but easy!
koby (31094)
292 days ago
The reason im taking this is because i can get extra credit in school
Luke (67998)
414 days ago
i got everything right but it says i got 13 of 15!
Choco loco Cookie (39778)
550 days ago
All good so screw all the people who call themselves Star Wars fans if u don't get all good
stargazer (45404)
622 days ago
argh, how am i suposed to know when they came out and the dates and how much money they made, i just know about charaters, places,etc.
Luke (71945)
623 days ago
George Lucas is spelt wrong on # >8(
Jonh (21441)
635 days ago
Did I get everything wrong in here
Jonh (21441)
635 days ago
Heck, where did they get the awnsers an spell names of people in Star Wars wrong?
Pizza (05570)
649 days ago
Seriously, you misspelled Count Dooku's name! There is a U.
you (85254)
659 days ago
kylo ren, you are wrong about number 10, there was a deleted scene that had an actor to be jabba the hutt. Lucas then added the scene back covering the actor to an animated jabba the hutt.

bob, anakin skywalker was there in the original, he was just played by a different actor. they changed it when the prequel movies were made.

also, question 13 has 2 duplicate wrong answers
kylo ren (86298)
706 days ago
question 10 is wrong, jabba never appeared in the theatrical release, therefor not a change, however, small changes were made to the crawl
Rainbowdash (81733)
711 days ago
Some of these are not about the movies
booo (57283)
714 days ago
awesome webite I love everything about it
Bob (82909)
729 days ago
Question 14 is wrong it was yoda and obiwan kanobi before it was released again
FanBoyPotion (05602)
764 days ago
Omg that was epic!!!!!
Epicdude777 (68465)
783 days ago
Star wars a new hope was released again in 1997 by George Lucy's with changes.