How beautiful are you (scientifically)?

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See how you measure up!

  • 1
    Do you the right weight for your height?
  • 2
    How is your skin?
  • 3
    How tall are you?
  • 4
    When you walk into a room of strangers do you...
  • 5
    You normally wear...
  • 6
    Which most describes you?
  • 7
    What colour of eyes do you have?
  • 8
    Who is pretty?
  • 9
    Do you have big eyes? Tell the truth..
  • 10
    Does the width of you nose go past where your eyes start?

Comments (163)


Yukti (34303)
113 days ago
No one on this earth is prettier than me
Yukti (34303)
113 days ago
I'm the most original beautiful person cheap people like u
Can't define me I'm perfect
Sophie (63307)
113 days ago
YOU ARE SO FREAKING MEAN! I'm "prettyish…" but fake?
Girlfriend, people tell me I'm gorgeous all the time. So much for your "scientific" quiz!
Maria (62230)
115 days ago
Who the hell are you to comment on others? It is so rude and mean to say that you are fake and not perfect. Just beacause someone has flaws doesn't mean that person isn't beautiful. Not scientific at all. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.
christina (46281)
115 days ago
the only option everyone has "too Fake"
Victoria (78247)
116 days ago
WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Are u just trying to hurt people’s feelings?! ‘Cause if u r then ur doing a really good job!
Victoria (78247)
116 days ago
I am NOT FAKE! People think I’m rather really pretty. Everyone is pretty. Your quiz hurt A LOT of people!
Yonder (33858)
120 days ago
Not enough options per question. Scientific is definitely not the right word for this. For all of you looking for science, search elsewhere.
Anonymous (62689)
121 days ago
Well, who do you think you are to tell people they are not pretty. Everyone is just as beautiful and sexy and hot. You have no rights to tell anyone that they are not pretty.
Yo yo yo (90957)
127 days ago
Well this was harsh.....
little mix (52122)
129 days ago
It says i am 50per beautiful30per hot n 20per pretty
Anonymous (21672)
131 days ago
Science my back foot
Rose (29514)
146 days ago
EXCUSE ME! My name is Rose, I had really got hurt but remember that "BEAUTY COMES FROM INSIDE , FEEL IT IN YOUR WAY DON'T LISTEN OTHERS"... I can feel my beauty and am very happy to have myself.
I LOVE MY LIFE!................................................ MY life is too long , can you see........
Rose (29514)
146 days ago
It says for 40% you are beautiful.
For 30% you are not perfect from any standard! {Rose- you are too bad}
For 30% your fake total. {Rose-I do not use make up at all ,no surgery Nothing!I am just a kid ,how will I get surgery? Beauty is from inside I can feel it, If you can't then you are not of any work! }
Bethany (50781)
163 days ago
“You’re prettyish , you would be pretty but everyone thinks you’re fake”
I’ve never worn and I’m too young for surgery .
Chloe (57021)
169 days ago
This test is so messed up! Don't take it. All it does is lower your self esteem.
Nightkit (21127)
181 days ago
I-I'm f-fake? 😭W-w-w-why????? Why do you do this to me? 😭 "Your pretty-ish....not everyone thinks thinks you are pretty because you are too fake.😭😭😭 or "your nit perfect by any standards so you need to get a new style and look."WHY??!!!😭 Or "you are beautiful the kind of person that everyone thinks is pretty because you are a natural beauty." Wow this is the only nice one!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JoJo (64045)
183 days ago
Lol yes science can define beatuy; For all who are saying something about blondes being the only one who got a, i have brown hair and green eyes, and also why are u complaining about the quiz ur the one who set urself up for it... and btw the way ur talking u just sound fake...
have a problem?
... (17734)
185 days ago
I'm a fake? Hey, there are only 10 questions and I'm young! I barely put on makeup and leave hair natural!
Katy (67325)
189 days ago
This is the dumbest quiz ever!! How r u supposed to tell if someone's "scientificly" pretty just by a few stereotypical questions. I got 60% fake like what the heck made me fake?? I don't wear makeup, I have natural hair