How beautiful are you (scientifically)?

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See how you measure up!

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    Do you the right weight for your height?

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Listen.. (56939)
320 days ago
I dislike this test VERY much. . I hate when it says your non perfect and a new style and look. Everyone is beautiful. A woman is a generous, beautiful, lovable, strong, kind, human being. It doesn't matter if your overweight. Or underweight. EVERYONE is AMAZING.
Confused (90481)
338 days ago
I thought beauty had to do with how your face looked! How come they ask you your weight and height and stuff? Sometimes fat people are prettier than skinny people. Also, this quiz said I was fake, but I don't dye my hair or wear make-up or starve myself or anything, I thought I was natural.
SomePerson (00377)
342 days ago
My profile is profile A. Other profiles B and C are like opposites. C says you're kind of pretty but too fake. B says you are ugly and need to change your style and look so it's telling you to be fake???
Cat (77141)
349 days ago
The first question definitely needs more choices, i dont have the right weight but that doesn't have to mean i'm bigger you know?
TheLegend27 (98402)
361 days ago
Oh, apparently I need a new style and look...hmmm I'm also "not perfect by any standards" I thought this was just judging appearance....(ps. Britney who? Spears...? Christina who???? Life simmer? Aguilera?)
Fritzie (90481)
371 days ago
are you kidding me im bot too fake!😡 i have natural beauty i dont dye or wear makeup.Im beautiful duh
Artemis (69213)
375 days ago
Wow, so many harsh comments here... :(
Artemis (69213)
375 days ago
Yes i am BEAUTIFUL!! I am a natural beauty...!! Which is soooooooo true.. true...thank you goddess venus..muakhzz!!
D::::: (04725)
377 days ago
I'm fake. Wow DDDDD:. *cri* :,(
Sarang (24001)
378 days ago
Yana (28796)
381 days ago
Ha! I'm FAKE. What the Fu@#$%!!
Okay people, I think the one who made this quiz is sure is... nutz. Like, those bratty K-poppers dyed their hair in different colors every month and spend plastic surgery to maintain a young face. While i'm here stuck with my natural face, natural hair and natural style and i'm the one who gets to be called FAKE?! LIke whaaat???

I guess in Korea, plastic surgeries and what not are actually natural to them.

It just goes to show that you guys are INSECURE. Can't accept the fact that you guys have no double eyelids, or tall nose and would go to lengths to achieve your oh so perfect look.

Why don't you guys accept the way you look? Even though you look weird or ugly, just accept the fact that you're stuck with a face like that. Everyone is unique in their own way.

Yeah, call me fake or ugly or whatever. Atleast i'm not the one who is desperate.


Who's the fake one now?!
XD LOL the results almost made me ROTFL. Please DO NOT take this quiz.
Lilly (58205)
386 days ago
It said I'm too fake. I don't wear makeup ive never died my hair I only wear clothes that i like I never get a fake tan so how am I fake?
Elizabeth (00947)
395 days ago
Ha it said I'm to fake, i don't even put of makeup XD
Trinity (44225)
397 days ago
Hannah (28997)
398 days ago
Fake? not one of the questions i answered have anything to do with being fake...i don't wear make up I wear whatever I want and i've never tanned or dyed my hair
Alexia (00793)
407 days ago
FAKE! Seriously, what the hell 💗, just who do you think you are?😡 You have got to be 💗, I'm 10 years old for gods sake, do you think I would dye my hair and wear makeup? You are a 💗, if I could, I would rate this quiz a 0, worst quiz ever so if you are reading these comments before you take the quiz DONT TAKE IT!😡👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Anonymous (63629)
408 days ago
This 💗 quiz is so mean!!!!!! "Not pretty by any standards" my butt!!!!!! Worse. Quiz. Possible. Thanks for ruining my self esteem!
Perfectly Unique (63629)
408 days ago
Well... That hurt... Yea I dyed my hair but I've never worn makeup.... I don't think that would make me a fake........ I DONT EVEN KNOW ANYONE ON QUESTION 8!!!!!!!! HOW DOES THAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HOW I LOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm rating this quiz one star.
Soorya (53206)
412 days ago
tanx, 100 % natural beautiful . love this results.
Khadija (90602)
412 days ago
Fake? Really? I never wear make up, never died my hair, never tanned my skin, and never changed anything about the way I look? So no, I'm not fake thank you. And some questions actually have nothing to do with being beautiful!