Does He Like Me? For Guys Who Are Shy . . .

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Some guys may be outgoing, but when it comes to romance, they're very shy. Does he like you? Find out by taking this quiz for those kinds of guys who are shy about love . . .

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    Are you friends with your crush? If so, how good of friends?

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:) (37613)
23 hours ago
I'm kinda confused cuz he stares at me, but he doesn't talk to me. And also he acts secretive with his friend and they ALWAYS look at me for some reason. He was smiling when I presented something in front of class, but still doesn't talk to me or do anything, so I'm just confused:/
Oof (49638)
5 days ago
The thing is I donโ€™t want a boyfriend and I want to stay in the friend zone!
Panda (03510)
6 days ago
He has a little crush on me. I hope so
cherry (75660)
19 days ago
he is into me
thank god he likes me back
we would make a perfect couple
dreams come true
Jeffrey M. (02772)
25 days ago
I want to come out to him soooooo bad, but I donโ€™t know what to do, or say. Only my friend knows that Iโ€™m bisexual. Will he care that I have a gay crush on him, even though weโ€™re 12? ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ™„
Maryam (53984)
60 days ago
Yayyyy my crush likes me!!! ๐Ÿ’—
Vanessa (27236)
105 days ago
I think my crush like me because I saw him looking at me then I looked at him back he look away nervously!!!!๐Ÿ˜Š
Kelsey (85383)
162 days ago
So my crush is weird. He flirts with everyone (girls) and gives out hugs to everyone. He knows I like him and knows that I get VERY aquard around him. One time he fell asleep in class and his face was faced towards me and I had to focus on breathing normally the ENTIRE TIME. Like Icsaid before, he likes to give hugs. Near the end of School, he asked "Do you want a hug?" I had said no but he gave me a hug anyway. I'm not even sure wi I hugged back. Then one time after lunch I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had looked and it was him. "Hi" was all he said. I could barely even say hi back. He walked away with a smile on his face. I'M SO CONFUZLED WHY DOES HE DO THIS TO ME!?
Brice (89592)
292 days ago
Ok so i am a guy but i like other guys... this is kinda awkward but i do have a crush and its hard to tell if he likes me back and its hard to find quizzes for people like me so i will have to make do here i guess. I think that he kinda does like me contrary to my quiz results.
Alejandra (35844)
363 days ago
Im cofused does my crush like me?
my crush knows me and ive known him for a year and he knows that i lik him and when he is with his friends he is very loud when i walk by, but when we talk, hes very quiet and he always smiles wile looking at my eyes and he is very nice and polite! When i see him walk by, he sometimes looks down, or at his friends, he talks to girls when i walk by, and he stares at me, wen i look back, he looks at my eyes and then looks away. Does he like me???
lovey (44339)
383 days ago
omg guess what he kissed in front of the teacher, but it was so romantic
M N = (47767)
386 days ago
natasha Sorry, I don't think so. :(
M + N = (47767)
386 days ago
Thank you for confirming the thought of him being in love with me. I wasn't sure, but from today at school, I was, and I just took this quiz to make sure. I've never been happier!
really confused+anxious (02395)
579 days ago
So there's this guy I like and I've liked him for a while, so I would know if he ever so much as glances at me. But for a while I caught him staring at me, like ALL the time, and whenever I caught him staring he'd look away and scratch his ear or something and he wouldn't look at me for the rest of class. But there are other times when it seems like I don't even exist and I'm like not there at all. He'll flirt with other girls in front of me and pretend I'm not there? WHY ARE GUYS SO CONFUSING?
I just really want a quiz where the answers are more varied. For most girls I suspect they dont even speak to their crush, let alone have conversations with them.
Plz help, Im dying here๐Ÿ˜…
natasha (49179)
584 days ago
I have a crush but the only thing he does is stares at me,when I walk past him he stares at me.Once he even stared at me and when I looked at him he did not turn away..does he like me?
Sakura (79689)
601 days ago
I have this crush on a guy, I'm not sure if he knows I have a crush on him, or if he has a crush on me, we don't talk because we are both really shy. Anyways I don't know if this is Normal or not but I've seen him look at me at least four times in three days, but he quickly glances away! Another time was when me and my friends were playing this game and some of his friends were too, we went to line up and he walked the other way and was still watching, he also always sit in front of me from across the room and faces me. I need some advice, I'm not open about this stuff!
Saniya (02403)
607 days ago
Aeeee...awesome i just so badly hope this is true...๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
springblossom9 (20477)
619 days ago
Anonymous (47880)
653 days ago
On question three...when I walked in the classroom once he leaned over to tie his shoe but he was staring at me the whole time
whot (49664)
770 days ago
Bruh I hope this is accurate