Survivor: Long-Distance Relationships

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Your boyfriend moves well do you manage? Find out now!

  • 1
    Soon after he leaves(say...20 minutes) what are you doing?
    Watching TV and eating ice cream
    Sending him an email, knowing he'll get it as soon as his computer's hooked up
    Calling up a third guy I know...there just HAS to be a guy who's close enough that we can date!
    Still waving down the street where his car disappeared....he'll be back...someday...
    In my room, moping, crying, screaming, wishing I was dead
  • 2
    An email from him appears in your inbox. You...
    Ignore it and block him. You've got another guy.
    read it and quickly reply
    Didn't get it because I'm still waiting for him outside
    Read it, don't reply
    Read it, reluctantly reply
  • 3
    You're sick and he's been trying to call for a week. You...
    never answer his calls...he's getting busy signals because I'm talking to my CURRENT boyfriend, thank you
    make an effort to talk to him...then hurl all over the phone
    are too sick now but I will answer his calls...sometime...
    are too sick to even KNOW he's been trying to call
    talk to him to tell him that I will talk to him as soon as I'm better
  • 4
    You are watching TV and a movie you and your boyfriend always loved to see together comes on. You
    watch it hoping he's watching the same thing
    call him up, tell him to turn the TV to that channel, and talk the whole way through it to each other
    grab a pillow, pretend it's him, and watch it
    change the channel and call up your CURRENT boyfriend to see what he's watching.
    watch it, crying all the way through it
  • 5
    Some girl from his new school somehow gets his email password and sends you an e-mail that is hurtful from it. Knowing it's not him, you...
    are hurt, but reply telling him you forgive him
    are still hurt...maybe this girl is his new girlfriend...
    are hurt, but call him up...e-mail's out!
    I blocked him, remember?
    are hurt and help him get a new email...via phone
  • 6
    Rumors are spreading around about your boyfriend. You...
    head over to the office, grab the loudspeaker, and, over the intercom, tell the whole school that the rumors are untrue and that they've been deceived.
    Help spread them, laughing uncontrollably
    Wonder if they are true
    Don't say anything...they WANT a reaction out of you.
    don't say anything but inwardly do something drastic
  • 7
    How often do you call him?
    Every day
    Once a month
    Once a week
    Twice a month
  • 8
    How about email?
    Regular messages, birthday e-cards
    messages, e-cards, forwards...we always keep in touch online
    We email each other now and then
    Blocked him, for the millionth time...what are you, deaf?
    We have one e-mail going back and forth...the rest we call each other about
  • 9
    Judging by his emails, phone calls, etc, do you think he still likes you?
    I think so...I hope so...
    Why shouldn't he?
    Don't know, don't care...although the messages I get on my answering machine tell me he's relentless
    Only likes? He still loves dare you ask such a question!
  • 10
    If this was going to your boyfriend, what would you say to him?
    Hey what's new with you?
    Um...hey! what's new? Got to run! Call me!
    Get lost you little creep!
    I love you!

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