Which Middlemarch Female Are You?

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Are you Dorothea Brooke? Mary Garth? Rosamond Vincy? or Mrs. Cadwallader?

  • 1
    A bookish, prudish older man pays a visit to your home and makes pedantic comments throughout dinner. How do you react?
    I see right through him... he's rather narrow-minded and self-absorbed.
    He seems to be a complete dullard, but let's find out more about his relatives and any sordid secrets he might be hiding...
    Ewww... I hate the smell of old men. I need more perfume straightaway!
    He seems so wise... perhaps, through him, I will attain the greater things in life.
  • 2
    Who would make a good husband?
    Someone loyal and kind-hearted, who is willing to work on his imperfections.
    Someone good-natured who will never interrupt me or try to curb my often blunt opinions.
    Someone in tune with life's finer feelings and deep wisdom.
    Someone handsome, who will be turned to putty by a pretty face.
  • 3
    Your husband informs you that one of his distant, wealthy relatives is coming to visit. What is your first thought?
    Excellent. I thrive on exalted company.
    Hmmm... I wonder if he has any amusing quirks or vanities that I can laugh at.
    Really? How wonderful! I must look as pretty as possible and buy new furniture for the drawing room.
    I will encourage him to donate money to build houses for the poor.
  • 4
    You are stuck in an unhappy marriage. What do you do?
    Suffer quietly and feel bad for your husband - he too is suffering under the burden of his faults.
    Weep, sulk, pout... then go behind your husband's back to get what you want.
    Fling sharp insults at your husband and drive him out of his mind by talking continuously.
    Do not give your husband the things he wants until he commits himself to change.
  • 5
    You pass by a very poor village. What are your thoughts?
    Hopefully some of these people will be able to work themselves out of their poverty... perhaps my father can help them too.
    I'll toss them a scrap or two, but really, I can't stay long - I have a dinner engagement.
    I have some wonderful designs for houses that might be built for them. I shall find a way to have them constructed.
    Oh, everything's so ugly here... what a horrid thing, to be ugly and poor.
  • 6
    Pick a cluster of words.
    Witty, principled, loyal, and plain
    Sharp, shrewd, blunt, and nosy
    Idealistic, passionate, graceful, and pure
    Sly, pretty, shallow, and vain
  • 7
    What would be an ideal way to spend the afternoon?
    Gossiping with wealthy matrons and freely dispensing my advice
    Reading a book and helping my father and mother with their chores
    Riding on my horse and visiting the poor
    Brushing out my hair and playing the piano
  • 8
    What is your weakness?
    I don't always understand myself... and in the past I have repressed or denied my natural passions.
    Pardon me, what did you say? I was not quite finished talking.
    My quick tongue sometimes hurts people.
    I am not wealthy enough!
  • 9
    You are visiting Rome for the first time. What are your impressions?
    Oh, Mrs. So-and-So! Fancy running into you here! How is it that I had no idea that you'd be at Rome?
    Some fine architecture here... my father would find it interesting.
    The ruins are a bit of a yawn... will there be a ball or a gala any time soon?
    So much gaudy art, so much money wasted on decadence... and so many people in the world are suffering!
  • 10
    How do you express delight?
    You laugh merrily.
    You arch your swan-like neck and toss your curls.
    Your beautiful eyes shine.
    You smirk and raise your eyebrow.

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