Which Middlemarch Man Are You?

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Are you Mr. Casaubon? Mr. Farebrother? Fred Vincy? Tertius Lydgate? or Will Ladislaw?

  • 1
    A lovely, pretty songbird of a girl minces over for dinner one night at your house. She chatters with a musical voice and her performance on the piano glitters. How do you react?
    You join in for a song or two... you love music and leisure.
    Her beauty is false; she is a painted doll and you hold her in pity and contempt.
    Your heart beats wildly. Now this is the ideal woman! A pretty ornament who gives you delight when you are taking a break from your serious work.
    You grumble, and think that you'd much rather be among your books...
    You wish a girl of greater wit and substance had visited.
  • 2
    Who would make a good wife?
    Someone who will make you a comfortable home, soothe you after a long day of work, and soften the rigors of your life with her feminine ways and beguiling charms.
    Someone full of true, fine feeling, who possesses genuine beauty and grace.
    Someone who has known you all your life, and will demand the best of you while also accepting your shortcomings.
    Someone who works hard and has a sharp mind and a good heart.
    Someone tirelessly devoted who will help you with your work and not question your opinions and thoughts.
  • 3
    What is one of your great fears?
    That I will never marry the one girl I've loved since I was a child...
    That I will be obscure and mediocre.
    I have some fears, but I'd rather listen to yours, and help you conquer them.
    Never completing my scholarly work, the labor of my life!
    That I will never find my true calling in life.
  • 4
    You are stuck in an unhappy marriage. What do you do?
    Grit my teeth, bear it, and occasionally lose my temper.
    Brood endlessly and give my wife soulful looks.
    Be charming and start doing everything my wife tells me. She's wiser than I am.
    Sit my wife down, have a sensible talk with her, get to the heart of the problem, and make a plan to solve it.
    Make my wife feel guilty; after all, she is harboring some ridiculous pretensions to intelligence and should not dare question me.
  • 5
    You pass by a very poor village. What are your thoughts?
    Discover if there are any illnesses - particularly fevers - spreading among the inhabitants.
    Make a sketch of the village, tear it up, brood over the village, think of what the government can do for them
    You hardly see it. Your mind is too absorbed with your scholarly work.
    You feel bad for the people who live there, but then sink to self-pity as you are reminded of your own debts.
    You have a keen desire to build better homes for them.
  • 6
    Pick a cluster of words.
    Undisciplined, kind-hearted, boyish, loyal
    Insecure, pedantic, feeble, petulant
    Passionate, restless, devoted, dissatisfied
    Arrogant, ambitious, intelligent, thoughtful
    Principled, industrious, honest, clever
  • 7
    What would be an ideal way to spend the afternoon?
    Doing some honest hard work, followed by a large meal with my family
    Working tirelessly towards some greater good, preferably in the company of someone who embodies the greater good
    Treating the sick and testing out new ideas.
    Hunched over my desk doing my scholarly work
    Gambling at silly games and visiting my childhood sweetheart
  • 8
    What is your weakness?
    It's hard to decide what to do with my life... I can't chart a single course, I haven't found some specific talent to develop. I'm a bit aimless and frustrated.
    No one must know how I fear failure... every other scholar disrespects me, mocks me... but no one must know my pain. I'll never be truly great... but don't you dare pity me. I can't bear pity.
    I lack discipline and prefer not to work at all.
    Women are my weakness.
    I sometimes make imprudent financial decisions.
  • 9
    You are visiting Rome for the first time. What are your impressions?
    Ah, so many places to gamble and play cards... and warmer weather!
    Where are the libraries and archives?
    The countryside is full of poor, sick people. I shall treat them with my new techniques.
    Those Romans knew a thing or two about technology and architecture, though nowadays there aren't enough new projects. There's a shortage of honest work.
    What wondrous art! What genius! I hope I do not find this dull any time soon.
  • 10
    How do you express delight?
    Your eyes will twinkle, you'll laugh and tell a joke.
    You draw in a deep breath of satisfaction.
    You'll talk loudly and share it all with your beloved, who understands you.
    Your face and eyes say it all.
    You are incapable of feeling unfettered delight. At times, you will smile tiredly.

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