Which male character from Pride and Prejudice are you?

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Out of a possible five men, who in Jane Austen's beloved work is your closest fit?

  • 1
    What words do you often find yourself using?
    silliness, ignorance, bon mot
    charming, marvelous, angel
    regulation, ardently, abhorrence
    aggrieved, fortune, fistful
    condescending, magnanimous, illustrious
  • 2
    What kind of woman do you fall for?
    A modest, decorous young lady who will defer to her social betters
    Feisty, impertinent young ladies with lively minds and strong principles
    If the honey has money, that's great!
    Placid, kind-hearted, beautiful angels
    Someone I can tease relentlessly
  • 3
    A typical letter you write to a family member or friend would contain:
    A brutally witty description of your newest neighbor
    A lot of messy ink blots and incomplete sentences
    A lot of four, five, and six-syllable words, expressing lofty praise and admirable sentiments.
    A straightforward, direct account of your activities; no gushiness or sentimentality.
    A request for money
  • 4
    After dinner you prefer:
    To enjoy a glass of sherry, alone, in the quiet of your study
    To coax that buxom housemaid into your bedchamber
    To compose little bits of praise and flattery that you will use the next day on the ladies you know
    To attend a local dance and meet the local beauties!
    To read a book or go for an evening stroll
  • 5
    A woman refuses your proposal of marriage. What do you do?
    Blink rapidly and burst into tears.
    Stiffen, flare your nostrils, and in a tight, controlled voice express contempt for her response to your attentions.
    Mistake her refusal for coyness and repeat your proposal again and again, more eloquently each time.
    Laugh and deliver a veiled insult that she will be too stupid to understand.
    Marriage? Well, if it comes to that - and the girl refuses - I suppose I could turn up the charm a little more, snake my arm around her waist, flash her a meaningful smile...
  • 6
    Who is your role model?
    My best friend.
    Me. I am the very model of good breeding, good regulation, good sense, and just sentiment.
    Don Juan
    My patroness, who is unsurpassed by any other living woman.
    Very difficult to find a role model... everyone has some flaw I can easily discern.
  • 7
    A charity is set up to help the destitute at your local town. What do you do?
    I go see if I can qualify as one of the destitute.
    I don't get word of it, for I am locked up in my study with a book I can't put down.
    I donate a little money, then expound lengthily on the merits of liberal generosity.
    I consult with my friends and family over how much to donate, but then repeatedly forget to actually hand over the money.
    I give the charity an anonymous donation.
  • 8
    What animal most closely resembles you?
    A lizard.
    A monkey.
    A puppy.
    A parrot.
    A panther.
  • 9
    Something is deeply troubling your wife. What do you do?
    Clasp her head to my chest so that she can feel the steady, reassuring beat of my heart... then tell her that I am here to help her in any possible way I can.
    Shed a few tears with her, make a silly joke to bring a smile to her face, and have her send for her sister or some other trusted female relative who will most likely understand the situation better than I can.
    Something's troubling her? Well, I've got my own problems...
    Have her consult a social better with superior breeding.
    Tease her about it.
  • 10
    You are at a small party. How do you communicate your attraction to a woman?
    I unleash the full powers of my eloquent flattery upon her.
    I give her a discreet squeeze to her arm or whatever other body part is close at hand.
    I trail her around the room.
    I stare at her from a remote corner.
    I make her the butt of all my jokes.

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