The General LotR Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Lhunen, daughter of Arwen - Developed on: - 7.721 taken

Questions having to do with the movies and the books. You may think you know LotR, but I think you'll be surprised...

  • 1
    What was Aragorn's name when he lived in Rivendell?
    He never lived in Rivendell
  • 2
    What's the name of the Elf who some think is Galadriel's son?
  • 3
    What is the meaning of the Elfish phrase: "Elen sila lummen omentielvo"?
    "A star shines on the hour of our meeting"
    "May the stars in the sky look kindly to you"
    "Thank you for coming. Please exit to the left."
    I don't speak Elfish. I barely speak English!
  • 4
    What is Aragorn singing at the end of RotK, just after he's crowned King?
    The customary proclamation of newly crowned Kings
    The words spoken over him at his birth, saying that one day he would be King
    The words that Elendil said when he landed on Middle-earth from Numenor
    An oath of office, like Americans swear in the president
    He sings?
  • 5
    Arwen's mother, Galadriel's daughter, is named...
    Jane? Sally? I don't know!
  • 6
    Why is the sword Elrond gives Aragorn in RotK so important?
    It's pretty
    Arwen made it for him long ago, and Elrond wouldn't let her give it to him
    It's the sword that was always held by the Kings of Gondor, but it was broken when the last King died
    It was the sword of Elendil, which cut the Ring off Sauron's finger
  • 7
    Saruman was also known as__________when he was younger.
  • 8
    In the book, when the Elves give the lembas bread to the Fellowship, Gimli mistakes it for______, a Dwarvish waybread.
    the honeycakes of the Bjornings
  • 9
    Galadriel gives the Fellowship gifts. Sam's gift was, in the movies, rope. What was it in the book?
    the Phial of Galadriel
    a box of earth from Lorien, and a mallorn seed
    Melegdil, the sword of Lorien
  • 10
    What happens to Sam after Rosie dies?
    He goes to Valinor
    He dies and is laid to rest in the burial place of the Kings of Gondor
    He goes and lives with Elanor, his daughter, for the rest of his life

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