Which hero from The Incredibles are you?

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Take this quiz to see which hero from the wonderful movie, The Incredibles, fits you most closely.

  • 1
    What's holding you back right now?
    I wish I could get my kids to behave at the dinner table
    I have misplaced my favorite article of clothing
    I'm in love with someone who doesn't notice me
    I'm not allowed to try out for a sports team
    My job stinks
  • 2
    What do people say are your strongest traits?
    I'm strong and dependable
    I'm flexible and have a quick wit
    I've got boundless energy and spunk
    I'm thoughtful and can successfully battle my self-doubt
    I'm charming, and will always be there to smooth over a difficult situation
  • 3
    A dangerous man is pointing a gun at you. What do you do?
    I shield myself
    I'm the one who says, "Freeze!"
    I just reach over and pluck it out of his hands.
    I throw a heavy object at him.
    I run circles around him
  • 4
    How might you inadvertently be hurting your family?
    I am acting moody and withdrawn
    I whine about school and tease my siblings too much
    I'm keeping some secrets from them
    I cancel important dinner dates with my spouse
    I'm telling them to suppress themselves and not be who they truly are
  • 5
    What would make you stop in your tracks?
    A piece of cake.
    A piece of dirty laundry.
    The person whom I admire from afar...
    My sister's force field
    My spouse, yelling at me
  • 6
    What's your most attractive physical feature?
    My long, beautiful hair
    My dashing smile
    My bulging muscles
    My lean and limber body
    My cool sexiness, baby
  • 7
    A merciless robot is attacking the city. What's your strategy for fighting it?
    Arrive - cool, calm and collected - just at the right moment, because that's what friends do.
    My first impulse is to move the kids out of the way, but I decide instead to make sure that they're confident and prepared. Then I swing in there and kick some butt!
    My first impulse is to take it on alone, but I've learned that working with the people I love will be far more effective
    I see to it that my family is shielded from fire, bullets, falling debris, you name it.
    Outrun it, outmaneuver it, and if anyone is hurt I'll make sure to speed them off to safety.
  • 8
    What faux pas might you commit with your beloved?
    Show up late for your own wedding
    Disappear before your beloved can even say "hello"
    Doubt your spouse's fidelity
    Put a tack on your beloved's chair
    Give your spouse the cold shoulder
  • 9
    How do you like to get around?
    Putting on a pair of ice skates...
    Driving a roomy car
    Sitting on my mother's back as she floats on the water
    Piloting a plane
  • 10
    What activity do you enjoy doing with the baby of the family?
    Making his drool freeze.
    Making funny faces and voices while feeding him.
    Forming a force field across the door of my room to keep him out.
    Hefting him playfully in my strong arms
    Tossing him across the room and then running to catch him.