From Jane Austen's Persuasion, which male character are you?

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Jane Austen's Persuasion is rich with interesting characters. Where do you fall on the male side of the equation?

  • 1
    How do you declare your feelings to the woman you love?
    I read her an intense, romantic poem
    I declare my feelings eloquently with the deportment befitting a gentleman; the appearance of love is easy to feign.
    Write a short, impassioned letter
    My love is in everything I do with her and for her; we're always together
    Reluctantly tear my eyes away from my reflection in the mirror and mumble the words to her with an arrogant smirk
  • 2
    What is your favorite book?
    Something that my beloved and I can read aloud together in our cabin aboard ship
    Anything with substance and depth
    Anything with poetry, preferably by Byron or Walter Scott
    I don't read much of anything; one doesn't need to be intelligent to be a gentleman
    The Baronetcy, of course - a book that contains all the information about my illustrious family
  • 3
    What trouble with women have you had lately?
    The woman I loved passed away... I am all alone, all anguished and alone!
    The woman I want isn't responding to my attentions.
    I suspect I am the target of a scheming widow... but I do so like her company!
    Nothing recently but... there was this one time where I left my love behind when I went on a trip. I missed her so much, and she was so worried about me. I never made that mistake again!
    I'm fine, just fine... I mean, the last time I had trouble with women was eight years ago, but I've forgotten her, I assure you I have... I don't care a bit about her, not one bit, oh no.
  • 4
    You arrive at a large hall full of wealthy people and other highly ranked individuals. What do you do?
    Brood quietly in the corner and stare at everyone with tired eyes
    Such company is usually disappointing; you stand to the side and keep an eye out for the woman you love
    I am polite to everyone and tell everyone exactly what they wish to hear. It's the only way to get anywhere.
    Be seen with the most illustrious circle of people... and hope they don't realize that I'm short on money at the moment.
    Be my usual easy-going and amiable self
  • 5
    A high-spirited young lady has gotten carried away and injures herself. What goes through your mind?
    I decide to consult with my beloved about what to do; we have gotten through so many perils together - storms, pirates, starvation - she is full of invaluable advice.
    I correctly maintain the appearance of sympathy.
    Will she die? Why must tragedy always befall young women?
    Of what rank is this young woman? Is she connected to any illustrious family?
    It's my fault. Rather than spending time with the person whose company I truly desire, I have been encouraging this young lady and all her bold behaviors. It's my fault. I've failed and made a costly mistake.
  • 6
    What do you love about the sea?
    I'm a little bitter towards the sea right now; it took me away from my love who now isn't with us anymore.
    The sea is beautiful and deep, like an ideal woman. It's a good refuge too from troubles and heartache on land.
    You can say many eloquent things about the sea in company and come across as a man of deep feeling.
    The camaraderie aboard ship; how I can take my beloved anywhere and experience so many sights and new locations with her.
    Why, nothing of course! It's such a rough, inelegant place...
  • 7
    You step into a room. What do people immediately notice about you?
    My commanding physical stature and firm stride
    My shy mannerisms
    My correct posture and carefully schooled expression
    The fine material of my clothing, the careful arrangement of my hair...
    My gently smiling face
  • 8
    You wish to take a woman on a carriage ride. How do you go about doing it?
    I gallantly assist my beloved onto the vehicle
    I recite a poem about carriages and hope that will entice her to join me
    I ask her politely, and if she refuses, I continue to follow her around and monopolize her company.
    I select the most lavish and plush carriage and have a servant drive it for us.
    My beloved sits right next to me and helps me steer it
  • 9
    What is your ambition?
    To be universally respected for my appearance, my status, my wealth...
    I'm very content with where I am in life
    To be heir to a titled estate.
    To find a woman whom I can fall quickly and violently in love with.
    To correct my foolish mistakes and win back the woman I've loved for so very long...
  • 10
    What characteristics do you admire in a woman?
    Appearance is not of the essence. I admire firmness, intelligence, strong principles, gentle humor, and tender warm-heartedness.
    Just look at the woman who is always at my side. She is everything I could ever want.
    She mustn't look like an ill-kempt hag. I want her beautiful, proud of her appearance, and of a noble stature.
    That she is enthusiastic about poetry and is a spirited romantic at heart.
    The family that woman happens to belong to; and if she's amiable and behaves gently and properly, so much the better.

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