Which character from Disney's Fantasia are you?

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Which of the many creatures suits you best?

  • 1
    What best describes you?
    Slender and lazy
    Shy and mysterious
    Timid and clumsy
    Large and playful
    Solitary and fierce
  • 2
    What is your contribution to the world?
    I haven't made one yet, but if I keep studying hard and don't get into TOO much trouble...
    I quietly make it a lovelier place
    My image makes any reflective surface worth looking at
    I provide it with entertainment
    I help separate the quick and strong from the slow and weak
  • 3
    If someone hurts your feelings, what do you do?
    I close my eyes and think of the future, when I'll be grand and smart and strong, and then I'll show them!
    I sit on them
    I tear their head off
    I fold into myself and disappear
    How could they possibly hurt my feelings? I'm flawless...
  • 4
    You fall in love with someone. What do you do for that person?
    I wait for that person to come to me. It's inevitable of course, and when the moment arrives, I make sure to look my most beautiful.
    I refrain from tearing them apart limb for limb.
    I play hard to get.
    I enhance my beloved's world in subtle ways: brilliant flowers will appear in their garden, their curtains will turn to silk...
    I'll have to wait until I learn how to make love potions, and then I'll make that person fall in love with me.
  • 5
    What is your least favorite chore around the house?
    Clearing away the dishes after a meal.
    Making my bed.
    Picking up after myself.
    Any heavy work like taking out the garbage.
    Fetching water.
  • 6
    What's your favorite outfit?
    Anything raw and leathery.
    A tutu
    Slinky chains of daisies that barely cover my chest
    Robes and a pointed hat.
    A shining light that barely conceals my pale, nude body.
  • 7
    What music could best capture the spirit of your life?
    Comical and madcap.
    Tinkling, silvery, full of mystery...
    Frenzied and out-of-control.
    Languid and romantic.
    Wild and disturbing.
  • 8
    What sort of person would you be attracted to?
    Someone who admires my intelligence and believes in my future ability to succeed.
    Anyone with a handsome face and a broad barrel chest.
    Someone who is patient enough to seek me out and wise enough to understand what I do.
    No vegetarians please.
    Ooh, I like the charming, slightly dangerous reptilian types, the kind who'll really sweep you off your feet and give you a toothy smile.
  • 9
    Favorite food?
    Flavored ice.
    Heh heh heh... blood, meat, bones.
    Grapes, straight from a silver platter!
    Nothing that will make too many crumbs for me to sweep.
    Nothing that will make me fat; I must keep this trim figure of mine.
  • 10
    How do you think you might die?
    My lover might turn treacherous.
    Old age... oh, if only I could never grow old and lose my looks...
    A long, thick spiked tail connecting with my skull.
    Be crushed underfoot perhaps.

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