This is for all of the Harry Potter "Fans"

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How well do you know book five?

  • 1
    What might Grawp's name actually be?
    Little Grawp
    Disgrace of Fridwulfa's Son
    Grow Up
  • 2
    How many pages are there in book 5?
  • 3
    What is symbolic about Kreacher's name?
    He is a filthy creature - a traitor
    Each letter is symbolic - the K stands for...
    Nothing is symbolic - Mrs. Black just wasn't very nice
    I don't know
  • 4
    What is symbolic about Karkus's name?
    His body was soon a carcass
    His mum loved to eat human carcasses
    Karkus is just a nickname
    Every letter is symbolic - the K stands for...
  • 5
    Which of the following was not a Skiving Snack box?
    Cranky Candy
    Nosebleed Nougat
    Fever Fudge
    Blood Blisterpod
  • 6
    Did the scars ever fade from the back of Harry's hand?
    If he had continued, they certainly wouldn't have
    Who cares?
  • 7
    Who or what is completely missing from book Five?
    Moaning Myrtle
    Fabian Prewett
    Hagrid's dad isn't mentioned
    the Prefect's bathroom
  • 8
    Why was Dumbledore really sacked from the Wizengamot?
    He is losing his marbles
    He gave a speech about You Know Who
    He gave it up so that he would still be on the chocolate frog cards
  • 9
    What was educational decree number 24?
    that all teams, associations, groups, and organizations were disbanded
    there is now a high inquisitor
    No non or partial humans will be allowed to teach
    Dolores Umbridge replaced Albus Dumbledore as headmaster/mistress
  • 10
    What does the protean charm do?
    Makes an object mimic the leader's object
    puts protein into food
    makes objects grow hot ( like the death eaters' scars)
  • 11
    What is chapter number 23 called?
    The beetle at bay
    Seen and unforeseen
    Snape's worst memory
    Christmas on the closed ward
  • 12
    What is mentioned twice in book 5?
    dragon bites
    venom that prevents wounds from healing
  • 13
    Who set the dementors on Dudley and Harry in chapter 1?
    Dumbledore ( to get Harry out of the Dursleys')
    Delores Umbridge
  • 14
    What were the woes of Mrs. Weasley?
    The death of her family
    Mr. Weasley's attack
  • 15
    Who knocked himself out with his own bat during Quidditch practice?
    Andrew Kirke
    Gregory Goyle
    Jack Sloper
    Vincent Crabbe

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