Is she a skank?

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Yeah, of course you hate her because she's your (rival, ex's new girlfriend, etc) but is she really a skank?

  • 1
    So why do you hate her, anyway?
    She's so perfect it's annoying.
    She stole my boyfriend!
    I don't know--I guess she just rubs me the wrong way.
    She cheated on my guy friend!
    She acts like a snob.
  • 2
    What does she do in her free time?
    Whatever her current guy is into. She's really fake like that.
    Ha ha ha, if by what you mean who, then anyone.
    Like I care.
    Get this--she volunteers. Please.
    Nothing productive, that's for sure.
  • 3
    She has or would:
    I doubt she's done anything really bad. She's such a goody two shoes!
    Cheat on a test
    Play a cruel practical joke to make another girl look bad
    Trap a guy into marrying her
    Cheat on a guy
  • 4
    If she won a large sum of money, what would she do with it?
    Quit her job mid-shift.
    Try to buy friends.
    Probably give it to charity.
    Buy new designer everything for herself and/or her purse dog.
    Pay for college or something like that.
  • 5
    Your new waitress job is going fine until you realize you're going to have to work with (gasp) her. What is she most likely to say on the job?
    Ugh, I am so not clearing that up. They don't pay me enough to bus tables, too.
    Hm... I bet if I undid one more button on my blouse, I'd get better tips.
    I've almost earned enough tips to pay my way on this year's church mission trip!
    My last job was way better than this.
    Nothing--she's super quiet.
  • 6
    Why would your brother stare at her?
    Not likely. She doesn't exactly stand out in a crowd.
    He's trying to read the "Support world peace" sign she's carrying.
    He'd be giving that snob a dirty look.
    He's trying to see her test answers over her shoulder.
    Her shorts are usually shorter than most girls' underwear.
  • 7
    How's her academic career?
    She doesn't really care about learning or school.
    She's known for her cheating skills.
    Yeah, right. School is just where the guys are.
    Must be decent. She's always taking notes and paying attention in class.
    She's known for her brains.
  • 8
    What are her college plans?
    A religious private school.
    State U.
    Ivy League, of course.
    The nearest party school.
    Ha, I'd be shocked if she made it through high school.
  • 9
    Her method of keeping tabs on her man is:
    Calling to check in throughout the day.
    She's got too many guys to worry about keeping tabs on them all.
    She trusts him completely.
    She doesn't let him hang out with any other girls, ever.
    Her, date? Not anytime soon. She's too shy.
  • 10
    If she dropped her backpack, what (other than books, of course) would spill out?
    Her bible, a brown bag lunch, and part of a blanket she started knitting for a homeless man.
    Answers to next Tuesday's bio exam.
    The usual, tampons, wallet, keys.
    Her cell phone, ipod, palm pilot, and powder compact.
    "Love" notes to and from over twelve different guys.

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