The "It's Time To Find Out Weird Stuff About Yourself Quiz"

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You might have mental issues, or you might think you do - and end up being sane! Find out what others might think of you here.

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    If I asked you to tell me what a scallop was, what would you say?

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times 10 (40470)
20 days ago
okay so why all the random questions...?
times 10 (40470)
20 days ago
Why scallops? I don't get this quiz at all...
value (91195)
146 days ago
i could'nt even take the test nothing worked:-X
Yashvi (78555)
247 days ago
kiss you left arm and then you right arm and say your crush's name and your name.on the coming friday he will come and say the three words to you which are i love you but it will only happen if you pass this message to 3 other people
The Smart[er] Eight Year Old Boy (84013)
317 days ago
Dear last commenter,

We share the same sentiments about this quiz but I don't think you should judge, be rude to others just because of this little thing and boast about where you study or about your wealth. Nobody here cares about where you study or how much riches you have. Based on your attitude, you are poorer and dumber than who you are referring to, because you act like one.
The Smart Twelve Year Old Girl (96462)
419 days ago
Okay. First of all, all of you have to improve your grammar. Like, REALLY improve your grammar. I'm talking about the people who commented. It's like you never went to school! Most of you spelled the simplest words wrong, like "quiz" (which one of you spelled "quizz") and "cheesy" (someone spelled "cheeses"). I mean, I LOVE cheese, mainly with crackers or plain or in some gourmet dessert, but it's sad that you guys can't even spell. I understand if you can't spell something like deoxyribonucleic acid (which is the full word for DNA) but QUIZ? And CHEESY? Honestly, I bet you can't even spell FAVORITE! I'm a twelve year old girl, and I assume you are all older than me, and I am forced to lecture you on your speech! My older sister thinks all of you are ignorant and my little brother said that you all should go to a good private school like we do. We go to a top private school on Oahu and even my six year old brother can speak better than you! We are very rich, so we are taught to speak clearly and with no errors. Clearly you are all poor savages who don't know a thing about talking, or even writing. You need to go to school and LEARN SOMETHING. Also, this quiz was made for people who have nothing to do, or are just bored. So it shouldn't matter what the questions say or what your choices are because it is just to pass your time. All of you are losers and I get the feeling that poor, dumb people like you will not get very far in life. That is all I have to say.
Hanan (12506)
601 days ago
What kind of qustions are these the weirdest ever 💗e
Lilly (53583)
669 days ago
it doesn't make any sense wired
Hermione Granger (27627)
723 days ago

Don't you have anything better to do !! This quiz was definitely a waste of time . 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻