What's Your Puppy's Personality?

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This quiz will help you to decide what is going through the mind of your best friend.

  • 1
    What sort of Toys does your puppy like to play with?
    Anything resembling food
    A stuffed cow or similar animal
    Doesn't play with toys
    A rope pull toy
    An old cuddly teddy bear
  • 2
    When you puppy encounters your next door neighbours hat he/she:
    Starts to gnaw on his tail
    Looks at him in disgust and walks away
    Barks enough to make the cat fluff up and look humorous
    Runs at him barking his lungs out even if the cat is bigger
    Tries to befriend him
  • 3
    When your puppy knows he/she is in trouble he/she:
    Acts like nothing has happened, nothing is his/her fault
    Run away but come back looking to play in about 30 seconds
    Barks at you, you don't scare him!
    Looks at you with those big brown eyes
    Looks at his dinner bowl knowing he won't get that special treat tonight
  • 4
    If your puppy was a famous dog, he/she would be:
    Santa's Little Helper (The Simpsons)
    Jerry Lee (K-9)
    Tinkerbell (Paris Hiltons dog)
    Verdel (As good as it gets)
  • 5
    When you walk though the door from a hard days work you puppy:
    Runs around your legs almost tripping you
    Runs into the door before you can answer it
    Looks at the heavy bags you are carrying expectantly
    Ignores you, he/she has had a hard day too!
    Jumps up wanting to give you big cuddles
  • 6
    In general you puppy likes to play with:
    His/her food
    Other dogs, only they are good enough for him/her
    His tail
    Bigger dogs and the top cat in the neighbourhood
  • 7
    Your puppy frequently:
    Slides head first into his/her water bowl
    Bugs you for attention
    Barks at his own reflection
    Plays with his food dish
    Chews nothing but your/your girlfriends high heels
  • 8
    Your puppy can usually be found:
    Anywhere you are
    Sitting on his/her pillow with his/her name embroidered on it
    Barking at next doors dog
    Running up and down the back door until you let him/her in
    Anywhere there is food
  • 9
    If you bought your puppy a Christmas present, what would you get him/her?
    His/her very own T-bone steak
    A stuffed toy of some sort
    A name tag he/she always runs away
    His/her own shoes to chew!
    Diamond studded collar
  • 10
    Your puppy does his "business":
    In a corner and then looks guilty
    On the floor in the toilet or bathroom
    In his/her very own perfumed litter box
    Outside even, in the pouring rain
    Anywhere then does the unthinkable! (Eats it!)
  • 11
    Your puppy likes to eat:
    The same kind of meat you do, only that is good enough
    Bones that are bigger than him/her
    Anything and everything!
    As long as its food given to him/her by you
    His feet or tail
  • 12
    Your puppy likes to go for walkies:
    To the park, there's all kinds of things to chase there
    In circles and around your legs
    To the shops, while he patiently waits for you to get his food
    Walkies mean carry me around in a little bag!
    Anywhere, but only with you
  • 13
    Your puppy's name is or is a similar one of the following:
    Dali, Scooby etc
    Piggy, Fatso etc
    Smoopy, Snochams etc
    Princess, Duchess etc
    Brutus, Spike etc
  • 14
    When you puppy has a bath:
    Struggles as much as possible getting more water on you than him/her
    Hopes he/she will get a tasty treat for this
    He/She enjoys it, it is important to be clean
    Looks at you as if to say "How could you do this to me?"
    Takes it very well
  • 15
    Around other people you puppy:
    Amuses them by rolling around barking at him/herself
    Jumps into your lap, he/she only wants to be with you
    Runs to see if they have any food and then runs away just as quickly when they don't
    Barks at them until he realises your friends, if they're not watch out!
    Is obviously suspicious

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