How Well Do You Know Playmakers?

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This is for all you Playmakers fans out there! Take this test. And if you haven't seen the show, maybe you'll want to after you take this test!

  • 1
    What is the name of their team?
  • 2
    Who is the quarterback?
    Thad (Guerwitcz)
    Leon (Taylor)
    Derek (McConnell)
  • 3
    Which player is a drug addict?
    Leon Taylor
  • 4
    Where was DH during halftime?
    Getting high in the bathroom
    In the locker room
    Visiting Casey
  • 5
    Who helped Harris to get high?
  • 6
    How did they help him do it?
    Helped him keep his mind off drugs.
    Bought him drugs during halftime
    Signed him up for detoxification
    Sent him to rehab
  • 7
    What does Guerwitcz say when he gets a call while he's with August at the club & she says "I get it, a girlfriend."?
    It's like, we're right in the middle of a breakup.
    I don't have a girlfriend.
    Wrong number.
  • 8
    In which episode do we find out that Thad is gay?
    Episode 2 - "The Piss Man"
    Episode 7 - "Talk Radio"
    Episode 6 - "Man In Motion"
    Episode 4 - "The Choice Part II"
  • 9
    What does Thad do when David hits on one of the players?
    Watches what happens.
    Beats the living daylights out of him.
    Tells David to leave.
  • 10
    What does McConnell say when David sends Guarddog a drink?
    "Got a prayer handy? Queenie over there's gonna need it."
    "Looks like you're spreading a little fairy dust here Guarddog."
    "You like to get your mitts on the other side of the pillow, ain't no harm in that."
  • 11
    What does Buffalo ask Guerwitcz at the club? (Come on, this one's obvious)
    "Got a prayer handy? Queenie over there's gonna need it."
    To get him another drink.
    If he's playing in next week's game.
  • 12
    What does Thad use as an excuse for not being able to perform 'in the bedroom'?
    He's using steroids and this is a side-effect
    He's gay
    he doesn't give an excuse
  • 13
    What is Leon arrested for?
    Spousal battery
    drunk driving
    Beating up a teammate
  • 14
    Coach George finally sees a doctor. What does the doctor tell him?
    There is absolutely nothing wrong
    He might have a brain tumor.
    He has lung cancer
    That he's got prostate cancer
  • 15
    How long ago did Coach George's wife leave him?
    1 month
    8 months
    They're still together
    2 years
  • 16
    DH visits Casey in the hospital & gives him an autographed ball & shows him who all signed it. What is the purpose of this?
    To distract him while they are doing his treatment.
    To distract him while he steals Casey's morphine pills
    To give him the ball.
  • 17
    Who does McConnell bet on that he can 'get with' before the week?
    Leon's wife, Robin
    August, Thad's "girlfriend"
    Dadee ( it's either spelled Dadee or Datee)
    Wilbanks' daughter, Kelly
  • 18
    Last question, who 'outs' Guerwitcz?

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