Which Hogwarts Male Are You?

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From the first two books of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, which adult male at Hogwarts are you?

  • 1
    What's your most attractive feature?
    My gently twinkling eyes
    My cruelly elegant sneer
    So hard to decide... my hair, spun of gold, or my smile...
    My rather tenacious neck
    Whatever happens to be nesting in my hair
  • 2
    On a quiet evening, where can you be found?
    Tracking wild creatures in the Forbidden Forest
    In my office, steadily making my way through a large bag of candy
    Bent over a cauldron, my face obscured by steam
    Floating serenely down the hallways
    In my bedroom, curling my hair
  • 3
    A student shyly admits to having a crush on you. What do you do?
    Flash her your most charming smile and sign her copy of your latest bestseller.
    Tell her not to turn her back on the living.
    Blush profusely and mumble something incoherent.
    With much gentle humor, persuade her that she would be happier with someone more her age.
    Release a short bark of laughter and fling out a remark that will snip her heart in two.
  • 4
    Any pets?
    My students
    I've outlived all of them!
    Oddly enough, I don't remember...
    A phoenix
    A dog, yes, and a few others I can't tell you about... oops, shouldn't have said that...
  • 5
    What do your enemies find most infuriating about you?
    Your ability to win fame, fortune and admiration with very little effort
    Your ability to stay perfectly calm and self-possessed when faced with their rage
    Your ability to materialize out of darkness and catch them unawares
    Your good-natured stubbornness and immovability
    The amount of time and sheer persistence it took to kill you
  • 6
    What is your opinion of Hermione Granger?
    Polite and respectful, always remembers to address me by my full title
    A sniveling, shrub-haired know-it-all
    Awww... she blushes so sweetly when I walk by
    Such a charming, kind-hearted, and brainy girl; she's got a great taste in friends too!
    A very bright and focused young lady... her future holds great promise
  • 7
    A fearsome beast is prowling through Hogwarts. How do you react?
    I make sure my presence is felt strongly, and subtly, among my loyal students and professors
    I poison it
    I pack my trunks
    Wait a minute, no... I can't have been the one who set it loose...
    Not much I can do, really. Just hang around and see what happens.
  • 8
    Favorite music?
    Anything played by the marvelous ghost orchestra
    Whatever's at the top of the charts
    Folk music
    Chamber music
    Moody jazz
  • 9
    Who among the staff can you rely upon the most?
    Albus Dumbledore. He's wise and powerful enough to inspire fear in Voldemort.
    The Fat Friar. He has his moments of fine conversation.
    Albus Dumbledore. He's kind-hearted and has more goodness in him than anyone else.
    Well, seeing as how I'm without peer, the only choice I've got is me.
    Minerva McGonagall. She's got a steady mind, tremendous talent, and - for all her strict ways - a very gentle heart.
  • 10
    What's often heard coming out of your mouth?
    Things that were supposed to stay in my mouth
    Actually, I can make things come out of my throat in a more direct fashion...
    Random odd words and seeming non sequiturs
    Praise of self
    Brutal sarcasm

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