Does your crush like you?

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This quiz is all for any girl who likes someone, but are uncertain if they like them back.

  • 1
    When your crush sees you. What does he do?
    Ignore you.
    Hug or kiss you on the cheek.
  • 2
    Has your crush ever try to dance with you?
    Yes and you did.
    NO. never
    No. But he never has a chance to.
    Yes but you were to shy to dance.
  • 3
    Has your crush ever said to anyone that you were cute?
    Yes but I wasn't supposed to know
    No. not that I know off
    Yes. My best friend
  • 4
    He catches you staring at him. What does he do?
    Look away
    Look at you like you were stupid.
  • 5
    He is cleaning up and you ask him for a hug, what does he do?
    Asks "What?"
    He puts down what he has in his hand and hugs you, and apologize for being sweaty
    Tells you just one minute then comes and hug you.
    Looks at you like you have 2 heads.
  • 6
    If you ask him to go out sometime, What might be his answer?
    Yeah, Why not
    Why are we going out?
  • 7
    If you ask him for a kiss on the cheek? Would he give it?
    Not Sure
  • 8
    You compliment him on his outfit. He says"
  • 9
    You go over and sit next to him, What does he do?
    He doesn't even know that you're sitting next to him
    He looks at you and smile
    He gets up and leave
  • 10
    You are at the mall and you see him, you say hi. What does he do?
    He says hey.
    He says hi and kisses you on the cheek
    He acts like he doesn't know you