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This is a pop quiz created by Dribbles.

  • 1
    You are walking down the street when you suddenly notice a very attractive woman pass by you. You turn around and pull her skirt and panties down only to notice a brown skid mark on the inside of her panties. You reaction to this?
    No reaction
    You twist her nipples as punishment
    You find her less attractive
    You find her more attractive
  • 2
    You come home early from work one day. Walking into the bedroom to change your clothes, you stumble upon your girlfriend letting your dog lick her pussy. She jumps up in surprise with a look of horror on her face.
    You laugh.
    You eat her pussy, thus getting your dog's saliva in your mouth.
    You pretend you didn't see anything.
    You tell the slut to pack her bags and hit the road ... you also call her parents and let them know what happened.
    You tell her that there is nothing wrong with that and not to be ashamed.
  • 3
    You go to the movies on a first date. You want to watch the latest action shooter movie but the girl says she wants to watch some chick flick about a couple sluts and their emotions. You have no interest in watching this crap
    You punch her in the face, breaking her nose, and tell her the relationship is over.
    You insert your finger into her anus.
    You watch the chick flick.
    You compromise and watch a 3rd movie.
    You insist on watching the action.
  • 4
    Pride FC Grand Prix is on TV tonight. The girl calls you up and wants to go to a club with you.
    You go to the club with her.
    You invite her over to watch with you and promise to club tomorrow.
    You invite her over and don't answer the door when she shows up.
    You stay home and watch Pride FC.
  • 5
    Your woman asks you to give up video games and spend more time with her.
    You doctor fake pictures of her masturbating and send it to her parents
    You compromise and play less games
    You follow her instructions
  • 6
    You come home to find your wife irate. She claims that she found your stash of pornography and burned it all. She insists that you go to church and confess your sins and vow never to watch such filth again.
    jab, jab, cross, left hook ---> double leg takedown to arm bar
    You tell her that nothing is wrong with porno and you are not embarrassed
    You apologize and comply with her wishes.
  • 7
    Your woman is allergic to the fur of your pet. She says it's either the pet or the relationship is over.
    Unleash a series of Wanderlai Silva style knees to her head and nose.
    You choose the woman
    You choose the pet
  • 8
    As you are playing with your girl's breasts, you notice a drop of milk come out of her nipple.
    You tell her what you see
    You immediately have her take a pregnancy test
    You squeeze that bitch for all she's got through her screams of pain and drink it.
  • 9
    You find out that your girl is having an affair with one of her co-workers.
    You convey to her how much pain this puts you through
    You confront her and work things out
    You dump her immediately
    Double barrel shotgun + MP5 submachine gun ---> rampage and their workplace
  • 10
    You're talking to some girl you just met 3 minutes ago when her phone suddenly rings. It's her friend and they start talking
    You break the phone and tell that bitch when you talk to her she listens!
    You leave
    You wait for her to stop talking

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