Do you love somebody?

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Find out if what you feel is lust or love. The repletion of the person or them is just referring to the person you think you have feelings for.

  • 1
    When you are with the person what do you feel?
    Don't know
    Pure utter Let's have sex.
    Content. The world could pass me by and I wouldn't care.
  • 2
    Say you have an event planned that you really wanted to go to and the person you like wants you to cancel so that you to can go two the movies. What would you do?
    See if she'll go with.
    Leave without saying a word. She won't mind.
    You tell here no. You'll explain it to her later.
  • 3
    The person asks you to do something you don't like. What would you do?
    Refuse to do it without giving a reason why.
    Explain to them why you don't like and find another possible solution to the problem.
    Find someone else to do.
  • 4
    You go to the movies with the person you like. In the middle of the movie you remember that you left something important at the house. What do you tell them?
    Leave with no explanation. He... They'll figure it out sooner or later
    Sneak out of your seat and leave a note on the person's lap.
    Try to explain but leave anyway when they repeatedly tell you stay.
    Tell her what you left behind and why it is important to get it. They can come along if they like.
  • 5
    You notice the person you love isn't wearing that special thing you gave them. What do you do?
    You figure that even though they don't have it with them they still like you.
    Question them to no end and refuse to believe what they say.
    Shun them until they tell you why they didn't have the special thing.
    You go get the special thing and give it to the person after threatening them.
  • 6
    You find something that reminds you of the person. What would you do?
    Threaten the person and then give the item to them.
    Give it to the person.
    Pawn the item.
    Try to return it to the person who lost it. If you can't find them you give to the person.
  • 7
    You come across a beautiful item in a store. For the last month all you have heard about is that one item. What would you do?
    Steal it. Then give it to her.
    Give it to her but don't tell her anything.
    Buy the item and give it to the one. Tell her that when you saw it you remembered that she wanted.
  • 8
    The peson leaves you a lone after explaining that they just remembered that they left something at their parents. What do you do?
    Threaten them.
    Lock them in a room and get it yourself.
    You offer to go with them before they leave. You know that they are not lying.
  • 9
    Later that day you find the person with another person. What do you feel?
    Nothing for you know that they wouldn't cheat on you.
  • 10
    Question 9's circumstance. What would you do?
    Threaten the person after you have dealt with the people they were talking to.
    Go up and tell the people that they are talking about to bug off and that they're yours.
    Go up to them and talk to them.