What Group in School are/were you in?

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See what group in school you are in or were in at school in middle, high, and college.

  • 1
    At lunch you sat:
    Where the rest of the jocks sat
    With my own clique
    With the group with my high intellect
    With all the popular kids, DUH!
    With nobody that important I guess
  • 2
    How did/do you dress?
    Whatever people that I'm with are wearing
    Who cares? I care too much about other things
    Clothes that show off my figure, but don't make me look like a slut
    Jersey; my baseball shirt; I don't want to look like I'm not involved!
    Vintage clothes
  • 3
    What do/did you usually do on weekends/breaks?
    Usually outside playing ball with friends
    Study for the upcoming exams and tests
    On the phone, AIM, out with friends, I hate being alone
    Hung with my clique
    Um.......Nothing that interesting
  • 4
    What did/do you usually do at school?
    Ummm. WORK!
    Get into trouble
    Just sat there wishing for summer
    Tried to find out the latest gossip
    Talked about your favorite players/teams
  • 5
    What did/do you do with your friends?
    Whenever I had/have friends over, we're usually studying
    What friends?
    Figure out our next plan.....
    We usually play ball and check out the girls
    Goodness....It would take all night!
  • 6
    What would you call drama?
    I ALMOST got away with it, but that freak teacher caught me on tape!
    Where I lost my homework and had to get a zero, and I KNOW where it was
    Um.... there was reruns on?
    I was just about to make a homerun when I tripped right before home base
    Where Becky likes Bob, but Bob secretly likes Betty more than Becky...
  • 7
    Who did/do you call on the phone?
    My grandma
    Nobody I knew.....they were prank calls
    Here let me read you my friend's names: Ali, Ashley, Becky, Brittany....
    The textbook companies if I ever actually used that thing
    All my girlfriends.....
  • 8
    What do you like to do most?
    Talk and hang with everybody
    Go to the lake and sit on the shore by myself!
    Make a touchdown!
    Get away with things!
    Go on the computer!
  • 9
    What did/do you do at school dances or proms?
    Danced with my boyfriend and talked with friends!
    Since when was I ever invited?
    Danced with my girlfriend and talked to friends!
    Set off the fire alarms
    PROM! There's always a test the day after!
  • 10
    What do you do when your parents are away?
    Call up the girlfriend they hate
    ummm...study in my parent's room?
    Do everything they said not to: party, phone, etc.
    What is there to do?
    He he he....short sheet the bed, eat all the candy....
  • 11
    If you were to be voted for something (or perhaps already have) what would you be voted for?
    Class clown.....Most likely to be in jail
    Most likely to be in the NBA or NFL
    Best looking.....cutest.....funniest.....they better vote me for something!
    Who cares? Like their going to vote for me!
    Most likely to become president
  • 12
    What would other people say you are?
    The trouble maker (at least to my teachers)
    The jock
    People know I exist? COOL!
    Mr. Know-it-all
    Talkative, happy, pretty....wait, they ARE saying good things, right?
  • 13
    What would teachers say you are?
    quiet and shy
    Has a girlfriend every other week!
    Much too talkative
    I don't know, he/she's always in detention!
    My pet
  • 14
    What do you want to accomplish in life?
    Scientist, computer major, etc.
    A nice job or something
    As long as I don't end up with a life sentence, I'm okay
    I want to be the best player! Girls and Games!
    Actress, model, etc.
  • 15
    How were/are you involved in school?
    I've climbed on the roofs before
    I go to school there.....
    Chess club, science club, etc.
    I'm in, like every sport I can take!
    Cheerleader, or friends with them at least
  • 16
    How would you say you look?
    Better looking than SOME people, that's for sure!
    I'd rather not look in that mirror....
    Do I care?
    I can't see behind these glasses...
    Muscular....At least I'm working on it
  • 17
    How many friends did/do you have?
    TONS! Too many to count.....
    I have some friends, just not a lot
    A lot, and tons of girlfriends!
    What friends?
    My study group....that's all really....
  • 18
    What was/is a day at school like?
    Drama, drama, drama...Even OUT of school!
    I have, like 3 meetings with the principal
    My girlfriend does something to make me mad.....
    I go to one class, make an "A", then the next, make an "A".......
    Arrrggghhh! Don't even SAY that word!
  • 19
    What was the worst thing to happen to you at school?
    I got a "B"!
    I fell from the roof playing one of my pranks!
    Another rumor.....
    Ugghh! Let me tell you! One of my friends and I got in this argument....
    I COMPLETELY missed the net! Ugggh!
  • 20
    What personality did/do you have?
    Outgoing and talkative
    Sweet and shy
    happy and full of energy
    Smart and/or showoff
    Sly and quick

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