Is your relationship love forever or falling apart?

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If you want to find out if your relationship is true love or it needs to be broken up for good take this quiz and find out the real answers

  • 1
    Has your lover ever laid even one finger on you when he or she was mad?
    All the time and I hate it!
    He loves me he would never do such a thing
    Who cares as long as I love him/her
    I don't know
  • 2
    Has your lover ever cheated on you even if it was just a kiss?
    I don't know
    All the time and I don't like it!
    Who cares as long as I love him/her
    No he/she would never do such a thing they love me!
  • 3
    Has your lover ever bought you things even if it was for a holiday?
    I don't know
    It has been a while
    Heck NO, they always forget!
    He/she treasures me with gifts!
  • 4
    Does your lover ever tell you that he loves you?
    I don't know
    No, I'm just ONE of his hoes!
    They say it to me alteast 20 times a day. We're PERFECT!
    It's been like a million years!
  • 5
    Have you and your lover ever had sexual intercouse together?
    No I don't think he wants sex, I kind of think he's GAY!
    I don't think we're ready yet, but hopefully sometime soon
    Yes at least 1 time a day. We love each other!
    I don't know
  • 6
    How long have you and your lover been going out?
    Off and on for about 2 months
    1 year 5 months 16 days 9 hours and 32 minutes
    I don't know how long but I'm not happy!
  • 7
    Does your lover get mad when they find you talking to the opposite sex?
    We haven't been going out that long to really know
    They can't trust me
    They get like really jealous
    No my lover is not worried we show our love to each other
    Yea because I've cheated on them before
  • 8
    Do you think you two are ready for commitment (get married)?
    Yes we love each other with all of our hearts
    Are you kidding we haven't been dating that long, but maybe some day
    We already have a baby
    I don't really know
    Heck no they can't even tell me they love me
  • 9
    How often do you two go out just the two of you?
    Never he's always with other girls and his friends at the bar
    Maybe once a moth
    Always we at least go out once a week, we are in love, I hope
    We haven't really been going out to long to go on dates yet
    About once a year
  • 10
    Have you ever met your lover's parents?
    Yes and they are very nice
    They hate me
    We haven't been going out that long
    They were old and very mean
    Yea right, they won't even come over to my house