The "Crush" Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Bob Marley - Developed on: - 27.182 taken

How do you really feel about your crush? not sure? Take this quiz to see what category you belong in. More targeted towards students in grades 6-9. Part 2 coming soon. For males only.

  • 1
    ...Asked her out in Social Studies class while learning about Mesopotamia
    Don't know who she is
    Think she's stalking you
    ...Always seem to pass her in the halls
  • 2
    You often fantasize about...
    ...having sex with her in the kitchen your locker
    ...finding out her name
    ...dancing with her
  • 3
    If she needed to borrow a pen for class, you would...
    ...ignore her, cause you don't know her
    ...give her a pencil
    ...immediately happen to have one for her.
    ...make out with her
  • 4
    If you ended up in the same bed, would you...
    ...ask her what she wants to do, then do the complete opposite
    ...Wonder why you're in the same bed as a stranger
    ...move away a little
    ...take off her clothes and have sex
  • 5
    If you are "running" the drink stand at a school event, and she shows up asking for a Pepsi, would you...
    ...not give it to her unless she promises to go out
    ...give her 2 sprites and an orange juice
    ...Somehow have a Pepsi right there
    ...give it to her, there are plenty of strangers at the school!
  • 6
    You find she has slipped on ice and fallen. Would you...
    ...spit in her general direction and walk away
    ...Summon up enough strength to take her to the nurse
    ...Hump her then and there
    ...Get other help, as you would for any stranger
  • 7
    You discover that she has her eye on a certain pendant for a Christmas gift. Would you...
    ...give her a pair of scissors instead
    ...Why would I give a gift to someone I don't know? it anonymously
    ...strip her while presenting it
  • 8
    You discover she's going out with someone else. Do you...
    ...Kill the other guy and ask her out
    ...feel extremely indifferent
    ...Feel like shit, but hide it inside
    ...feel extremely disappointed, but shrug it off, she isn't the only hot girl in the world
  • 9
    She gets a haircut that makes her look ugly. Would you...
    ...figure that weirdo's nowadays do stuff like that
    ...Say "nice haircut" and go away
    ...tell her she's downright ugly
    What? her a wig
  • 10
    She has a horrid wardrobe malfunction. Do you...
    ...say "hey, nice b00bs!"
    ...look down on this stranger with severe disdain
    What? (by the way part two is coming soon)

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Dac ( 5.239 )
Posted 53 days ago
This is the worst quiz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!