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Ever wondered what Guy from Final Fantasy VII, VIII, XI OR X are you most like? Then take the quiz.

  • 1
    Your girlfriend just died. What are you going to do first?
    (Note: girlfriend may not actually be dead.)
    Turn all silent again and shut yourself off from the world.
    Have a mental breakdown.
    Go and seek revenge on whatever killed her, even if it was cancer, YOU WILL DISTROY CANCER!
    Go out and scam some chicks.
    I killed her.
  • 2
    If an ally or team mate was to throw you at some unsuspecting monsters as a last line of defense, what would you do?
    If an ally or team mate was to throw you at some unsuspecting monsters as a last line of defense, what would you do?
    Curl into a ball and hope for the best.
    Um.......... I don't know....
    I have allies now?
    Use my patent pending DOUBLE HANDED MONKEY FIRST STYLE on them!
    use my gun blade.
  • 3
    If a musical number was to suddenly start in the middle of a battle, what would you do?
    Kill everyone.
    Laugh, and then run away. You have a terrible voice.
    Heck, be a chorus member I guess.
    Stand there not moving or making a noise, and think about how stupid all the people who are singing are.
    Be the lead singer!
  • 4
    The girl of your dreams is:
    Good looking, and nice... heheh....
    Has Huge boobs.
    She'd never talk and just leave me alone.
    Is rich and wears body-suits.
    Would not mess with me.
  • 5
    What's your favorite move genre?
    Silent movies.
    R rated movies like Kill-Bill. I loved that movie! Actually, you can see my left leg in it!
  • 6
    Your friends:
    Annoy the shit out of me.
    Have been my friends since I was about 7.
    I guess they are my friends....
    Are all dead.
    Are strong and close to each other.
  • 7
    If you ever met Charlie Sheen, what would you do?
    Shake his hand and ask him how he picked up so many girls in so little time.
    Stare at his funny haircut.
    sell him drugs.
    Call him a womanizer and walk away.
    ask him if the money in 'the biz' is good.
  • 8
    Your in Tokyo, what do you do first?
    Go and look at video games.
    Take over the Yazuka (Japanese mafia)
    Go and scam some chicks.
    Be swarmed by fans.
    Go and look at black market weapons.
  • 9
    How do you party?
    Get in a punch up.
    I party to the music of screaming children, and drink the blood of- no wait........ I just get really drunk.
    Dance with my girlfriend and have a few drinks.
    Sit there silently and drink.
    Scam some chicks.
  • 10
    What do you do in your spare time?
    (booger picking is not an option.)
    Blow up a village or two.
    Check out my swords.
    Play sport.
    Scam some chicks.

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