The "Crush" Quiz, pt. 2

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Part two of the Crush Quiz...enjoy. I would really urge that you take part one of the quiz first. For those of you who didn't, this shows if you really like your crush, or if you are just keeping her for looks. Males only, aimed for grades 6-9, who want to know if they should check out the little hottie.
PART 1: testid=1103951656

  • 1
    Did you take part one of this quiz?
    Yes, I did.
    Why'd I do that?
    No, and I don't intend to finish part 2!
    Hell no, I was too busy having sex?
  • 2
    You get her name for a secret Santa. Do you...
    Buy her a gold ring
    Trade with a friend
    Give her the key to your old backpack
  • 3
    You try to impress her. What happens?
    You finish being impressive then undress her
    You don't.
    You end up looking like a jack@$$
    You do it somewhere else.
  • 4
    You find out what her favorite song is. You personally happen to hate that song. Would you...
    ...Try to change your tastes...use condoms more often while raping her.
    ...Try to change your be more like hers.
    ...Try to change your be less like hers.
    ...Try to keep the same damn tastes you've always had and don't let those of a stranger bother you.
  • 5
    Her friend tells you she said she wants to heat it up a little between the two of you. Would you...
    ...not believe her friend because you know she is already going out with another guy.
    ...Insult her then take away 2 dollars from her.
    ...Think "Ewww...that ugly b! tch likes me?" more than just "heat it up"
  • 6
    She seems to flirt with all the guys in the class who play the guitar. Do you...
    ...not care and let her flirt with the fools, she's a stranger anyway.
    ...forget the guitar, and just take her into the bathroom, and do something...
    ...try your best to learn the guitar
    ...Learn the bass guitar because its easier, and plus all bassists are fat...
  • 7
    She has a raggedy worn-out school bag. The bottom falls off and her books skid all over the floor. You are already late for class. Do you...
    ...make the mess worse.
    ...I have no idea who this dumb blonde is anyways...
    ...have sex with her. Being a little bit later wouldn't hurt. her clean up anyways.
  • 8
    You find out her Instant Messenger Screen Name, finally! First thing you do when you get home is...
    ...Send her threatening messages anonymously
    ...skip the getting to know her part, cybersex here I come! mommy told me not to IM strangers.
    ...IM her and try to get a conversation going
  • 9
    A mysterious box of chocolates shows up in her locker...
    ...that was from me
    ...That's awesome, someone likes her!
    ...I was forced to do it...
    ...I put that there, hey it has a note inside that says "meet me at ...... for sex OR ELSE..."
  • 10
    What is your opinion on chicken?
    McDnalds sucks
    what has this got to do with the rest of the quiz?
    what's a chicken?

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