Do you love your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

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If you are not quite sure about your feelings for that special someone, take this test....

  • 1
    When your BF/GF says or does something really stupid, do you:
    Suck your teeth and slap them on the back
    Look at them and walk away
    Shake your head and ignore them
    Laugh and give them a kiss and explain their stupidity
  • 2
    If you get into a fight, do you:
    Just let the other person talk and agree even though it's not how you feel
    Fight almost everyday so it's normal routine
    Argue and walk away from each other
    Scream at each other and it never actually gets fixed
    Argue until you come to a conclusion and then let it go
  • 3
    If one night you two aren't going out together and your BF/GF is going out with someone of the opposite sex, do you:
    Go out with a few friends and not worry about it but call him/her when you get home
    Scream at him/her that they are cheating on you and not let them go out
    Go out with other people all the time and barely ever see each other only to fight
    Sit at home waiting for them to call
    You go partying
  • 4
    On a scale of 0-10 how much do you trust your partner? (0 being the lowest)
    Between 10 and 8
    Between 4 and 3
    Between 2 and 1
    Between 7 and 5
  • 5
    When you go to family gatherings on your partners side, are you:
    Very social and get along with most of his/her family
    Make sure that your partner is sitting with you the whole time
    Sit on the couch and watch TV by yourself
    You don't go to his/her family stuff because it's boring
    Social but the parents aren't very fond of you
  • 6
    When you guys go out, do you:
    We don't go out too much
    Usually chill with our friends because he/she likes my friends and I like his/hers, but we get our alone time
    Normally go out by ourselves
    You won't let them go out with anyone else, so you're always together
    We don't go out he's too cheap
  • 7
    When in public, do you guys:
    Put your arms around each other
    Just hold hands
    Hold hands or he puts his arm around you and you do the same
    Don't usually go out in public but if you do then there's usually a friend between you
    Sometimes hold hands if your in a good mood
  • 8
    If he/she has any siblings or if they did, would you:
    I hate those little munchkins
    Their siblings are brats but I deal with them
    Spoil them when you see them
    Your too busy making sure he/she doesn't get out of your sight
    Play with them from time to time
  • 9
    If you two were to have kids, how many would you have?
    As many as he/she wanted
    As many as she could pop out
    I wouldn't have any, they might come out retarded because of him/her
  • 10
    If he/she is away for longer than a week on vacation visiting family, do you:
    Sit at home doing nothing waiting for them to call
    Try to keep in touch but try not to bother them too much
    Call every ten minutes
    Don't really care
    Have a party while their not here to celebrate