Are you a pyromaniac?

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Are you a pyromaniac? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Do you like to set things on fire?
    a) I once burned my entire house down.
    d) I set newspaper on fire with a magnifying glass.
    c) I occasionally set my hair on fire.
    b) Pigs are funny.
  • 2
    2. Do you play with matches?
    c) Only if my parents are away.
    d) My pig’s name is Larry.
    b) No way! I’m not allowed to.
    a) Duh, who wouldn’t?
  • 3
    3. Would you like to be a fireman when you get older?
    d) Only if Larry wants to.
    a) Of course.
    c) No
    b) Yes
  • 4
    4. What comes to mind when I say the word “Fire”?
    a) The stuff that I had for breakfast.
    c) The death of my pet hamster.
    b) FUN!
    d) OH NO! Larry has a cold!
  • 5
    5. Which of these is the most flammable?
    c) Kerosene
    b) Wood
    d) Larry just got cured!
    a) My hair
  • 6
    6. Have you ever detonated fireworks in your room?
    d) Oh, look, a butterfly!
    c) Why would I do such a thing?
    a) Who hasn’t?
    b) Only a Bazillion times!
  • 7
    7. If you could set one thing on fire, what would it be?
    a) My front lawn.
    c) YOU!
    b) I don’t know where my mom hides the matches.
    d) I think I’ll name him Buttercup.
  • 8
    8. How many times have you attempted to juggle with flaming wigs?
    c) Of course!
    b) Why would I even think about that?
    d) Where’s Buttercup?
    a) I lost count at 4,908,586,867,364,796,847,608,684,347,449,845,079.
  • 9
    9. Who is Buttercup?
    a) The stupid butterfly that choice D keeps talking about.
    c) Of course! Buttercup’s that cute little butterfly hanging out with Larry the pig.
    d) Hey! There’s Buttercup!
    b) Like I care.
  • 10
    10. What did you think about this test?
    a) It was positively fantastic!
    b) Is it over yet?
    d) I liked it, but I’ll have to ask Buttercup and Larry what they thought about it.

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