Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

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Do you ever get the feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Well, if you have, take this quiz now!

  • 1
    Who does your boyfriend like to be around, besides you, in his free time:
    his friends-mostly girls
    his friends-mostly boys
    his parents
  • 2
    Where does he like to go after school or on weekends:
    staying home to get drunk with his friend
    skateboarding through town
    staying home while playing chess with his dad
  • 3
    How often does he hang out with girls (his age):
    )once a week
    never (besides you)
    more than three times a week
  • 4
    Do any of your friends talk about him or say they think he is hot?
    at least twice a day
  • 5
    Does he talk about any girls around you or to someone you trust?
    every time we are together
    once every so often
  • 6
    Have you ever talked to one of his friends and they tell you that he was flirting with another girl or showing off for them while his friend was right their watching him?
    yes-only because that friend likes me and wants me all to his self
    that happens once in a while
    never happened to me before
  • 7
    Have you ever found a picture of another girl in his room or house?
    no-I don't snoop
    yes-he doesn't say who it is though
    yes-he claims it is his cousin
  • 8
    Picture this-you call and ask your boyfriend if he wants to go with on a picnic, just the two of you. He says no, that he is grounded or makes up some excuse like that, you are cool with but decide to go on the picnic anyways even if he can't go, but you don't tell him that your going. You see him there having a picnic with another girl, when you call him later what does he say to you when you asked him what he did that day?
    I was extremely bored, I was locked in my room the whole day.
    I was over at my friends house, because I got off grounding early.
    I was forced to go on a picnic with my cousin that my parents say I need to spend more time with, I would have called you but I thought you would get jealous of her or something. You can even ask one of my parents, it's the truth!
  • 9
    Does he tell you that he loves you before you get off the phone or before you leave each other even if its just for a short period of time?
    only when no one is listening or when we aren't in public
    yes-even when we aren't leaving or anything.
  • 10
    Have you met each others parents?
    yes-a long time ago they are pretty cool
    no-when ever I bring up that topic he changes it
    I was never introduced to his parents, but he was introduced to mine

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ashnoor ( 45554 )
Posted 191 days ago
He is cheating me n going to die
Rach ( 49584 )
Posted 319 days ago