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10 Questions - Developed by: Mental Anguish - Developed on: - 24.968 taken

Some random quiz written by ghosthunter1 and made on allthetests by Mental Anguish.

  • 1
    God is...
    Way too much of a leap of faith. There’s no proof of any of it.
    May be true, but who knows, there’s no proof.
    Real, in some form.
    A marketing gimmick so that the church can make money
    Exactly as stated in the teaching of the bible/Koran/torah/whatever other teachings I follow.
  • 2
    A Government conspiracy…
    May be going on.
    Is probably going on.
    Is definitely going on. THEY HAVE ELVIS!
    Could never happen.
    May happen, but we would know about it immediately.
  • 3
    Probably don’t exist. If they did on some planet far away, they would definitely not be able to travel here, so all sightings are bull.
    Are in no way real. There have been no ‘visitors’ and never will be. We are the only intelligent life in the universe.
    Have probably visited us. So many reports cannot all be lies.
    Probably exist but I don’t know if they have been here.
  • 4
    Urban Legends are…
    Absolutely true! I have seen Walt Disney’s head frozen under Disneyland’s Main Street!
    Fun stories that may or may not be rooted in fact.
    Dumb lies made up by people who do too many drugs.
    Accounts of the paranormal and odd tales that may have been a little exaggerated.
    Stories made up by people looking for attention.
  • 5
    Ghosts are...
    Probably hallucinations. No such thing as spirits.
    Real! Trust me on this. I have the ability to see them. I’m serious! I see dead people!
    Either memories of the past replaying on the present or communication with restless spirits form beyond the grave.
    Lies. There is no such thing. Once you die, that’s it. A rotting corpse.
    Maybe not the dead coming back to life… that seems unlikely, but who knows. Anything is possible.
  • 6
    People who spend hundreds of dollars for those haunted items on ebay (Like the haunted rubber ducky, of the clown doll) are…
    Dumb and should spend their money more wisely.
    In grave danger. They should get a priest or someone to bless the items and then burn them… the items, not the priest.
    Buying an interesting novelty. Even if the item isn’t haunted (but who’s to say?) it would be a fascinating conversation piece.
    Lucky to have a piece of paranormal history for their very own.
    Dumb and should be shot.
  • 7
    Psychics are...
    Real. Some of the famous ones are real and there are still many in the world today. I myself have had some psychic experiences.
    Possible, but I don’t know that all the people who claim to be psychics are telling the truth.
    FAKE. Nothing else to talk about. It’s all fake.
    Invading the thoughts in my secret brain. That’s why I wear tin foil on my head. It protects me.
    Not real. I doubt it’s ever going to be possible. No one has ever proven themselves to have any psychic powers.
  • 8
    The pyramids were…
    Built by aliens. Soon we’ll find the star gate in the desert and you’ll all see.
    Built by slaves… is that so hard to understand? You get enough people together who are afraid of being killed, they can do anything.
    Probably built by humans, but who knows how. I saw a special that said it explained how they rolled the stones, but then another special that said that the stones had to be transported from miles up the Nile, and that there was no way that boats in those days could transport them… so who knows?
    Built by humans. It’s incredible, but true. We did it ourselves.
    Built by either humans with more power than us, or with the help of an outside force. Without our machinery, there is no way we could do the same, so they had to have some secret.
  • 9
    Witchcraft is...
    Absolutely real! We only use 5% of our brain after all. Besides, I saw it on Sabrina.
    Not real. It’s impossible, but people probably believe it. That was a mental disorder.
    More lies. All made up junk that got some crazy people burned at the stake. Stupid people!
    Fake in most cases, but still there may be one out of a thousand that has some validity, after all, we really don’t know all that the mind is capable of.
    Real. Not the ones who were burned, but witches can have powers. It’s part of a pact with the devil. Probably anyway.
  • 10
    Vampires are...
    Real. At least they definitely were. So many cultures have the same legends.
    More goth posers trying to be different and drink blood. In short, DUMB!
    Real and scary. My friend wanted me to suck his blood, and I did. Now I can’t leave the house because the sun will burn me up.
    Just people who are mentally ill. It’s called Renfield’s Syndrome and is actually treatable with medication.
    A myth that may have been rooted in truth. Maybe their once was such a thing as a real vampire. Who knows if there was, or is?

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