How fearless are you?

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Think you are total Fear Factor champion material? Or do you flip out at the sight of a spider on you bedroom wall? Take this ultimate fear test, to see how courageous you truly are.

  • 1
    You are playing Truth or Dare. You pick Dare. You are given five choices, and you must pick one to complete. Which one would you choose?
    Kiss the host's mother/father goodnight.
    Try and hitchhike on a busy highway.
    Go to your crush's house, and try to sell him/her products from an underwear catalogue.
    Jump out of the balcony and into the pool, thirty-five feet below.
    Run down the block naked in the middle of the night.
  • 2
    You are on vacation at a beautiful beach. You've been in the water all day long. One morning, there is an announcement about a shark sighting. What do you do?
    Stay in a group of people, and only swim when there are plenty of lifeguards and adults around.
    Keep caution. Stay out of the water when a red flag is up.
    Avoid the entire beach for the rest of your stay. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Volunteer yourself to personally go out and kill that shark.
    Keep swimming. Now that no one is in the water, you finally get some elbow room.
  • 3
    You have been waiting in line for three hours to get on the newest, fastest, highest, loopiest roller coaster in the country. Suddenly, it breaks down, but they repair it after thirty minutes. It's finally your turn what do you do?
    take advantage of the line getting shorter, and go in the front car alone, because all your friends chickened out.
    check with a ride attendent, get the okay, and have the time of your life.
    Back out, but finally give in once your friends pursuade you.
    Freak out, hypervenilate, and go straight to the exit.
    leave, and regret it, so you end up going on it at the end of the day
  • 4
    You are trying out for a new reality show. One of the tasks for the interview is to wander in the wilderness, with no food and water, for a week. How do you handle this?
    Be glad that your mother sneaked you in a cornbeef sandwich, cell phone, lipstick, mirror, and a jug of Arrowhead water.
    Petrified. You eat bugs because you are afraid to go hunting. You don't drink any stream water, and you sleep bundled up in a heap of leaves.
    Scared and nervous, but just do what you've seen done on TV. Eat whatever you can find and drink from the stream and avoid anything hairy.
    With a smile on. You decide to make the best of it, and feel lucky that playing endless darts at home came in handy for hunting.
    Tarzan style. You hunt for food, drink murky stream water, make friends with monkeys, and swing from vines.
  • 5
    You are staying home alone, when you feel the ground shaking. There is a small earthquake, apparently. How do you deal?
    Do what your elementary teachers taught you. Duck and cover.
    Save a cat who is shaking and stuck in a tree that is about fifty feet high with branches that are falling off. His safety is more important than yours.
    Scream bloody murder. and cry and panic and forget everything you've ever learned about natural disasters.
    Call your parents, your next-door neighbor, your best friend, your coach, your old preschool teacher, your fifth cousin twice removed just to make sure they are all okay.
    Make a scrumptious earthquake-food-dinner, and enjoy it covering your head under a desk.
  • 6
    You have the chance to do any of these five activities. Which one do you choose?
    Sky-Diving. Come on, it's diving in the sky, how much cooler can you get? Jumping from an airplane, right on!
    You don't like any of the following ideas, so you take the opportunity to stay on the beach. You do after all have to touch up your tan.
    Bungee jumping. You can't get much cooler than free-falling a couple stories high.
    Hiking a tall mountain. You've always loved nature, and since you'd be with a group, it's not that risky.
    Snowboarding. Riding down those slopes has always seemed to be a cool way to enjoy the snow.
  • 7
    You are the April Fool's day prankster genius. As the first nears, everyone begs you to pull one of your master tricks on the principal (evil warden) of your school. What trick do you have in mind?
    Egg the pricipal's car once he/she has entered the school and is out of sight.
    Prank-call the principal after-school, record the message, and replay it for all to hear.
    Send an annoymous a love-letter.
    Sneak up from behind, and dump a bucket of water on his/her head.
    Toilet-paper the school office at midnight March 31st.
  • 8
    You have been crushing on this amazing guy/girl for months. You finally muster up the courage to ask him/her out. How do you approach your crush?
    Go up to your crush when you get around to it, and casually ask him/her out.
    Practice in front of your mirror, kiss your pillow, but when the chance comes, chicken out, and watch in fury as he/she gets himself/herself a new partner, who is not you.
    Get a friend to ask your crush on his/her opinion on you. Depending from his/her answer, you'll proceed.
    Send an instant message or email explaining your inner feelings.
    At the next school dance, arrange for the whole school to walk off the dance floor during the last slow song, and kiss his/her lips, and get down on one knee, and ask him/her out.
  • 9
    You have just moved to a new state. It's the first-day of school, and you don't know anyone. How do you handle your first experience in a whole new world?
    You feel fine and go with the flow.
    You keep to yourself, sit alone at lunch, don't talk to anyone in your classes, and burst into tears as soon as you get home.
    Even though you are worried, you make yourself look happy, and be friendly, sitting with a group of unfamiliar people at lunch, who soon become your dear friends.
    You are smiling widely, happy to start fresh, introduce yourself to every person you see, ask a cute guy/girl out even though you've never met them, sign up for every club available, and decide to run for school president on the very first day.
    You feel shy and babyish because no one is making the effort to talk to you. You just wish you were back home with your old friends and teachers.
  • 10
    What is the most daring thing you would honestly ever do?
    Live in the middle of a stranded desert, alone, for one month.
    Swim in the ocean in the middle of the night.
    Save your pet dog from a house fire, risking your life for your animal.
    Eat a live rodent to prevent starvation.
    Be a donor of a heart transplant, with only a fifty percent chance of your survival.

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