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Are you sick of people calling you a bastard? Want to prove them wrong? THEN TAKE THIS TEST! You've got nothing to lose! A go on! You might enjoy it!

  • 1
    You are driving home from work and you see some poor fucker having some car trouble on the side of the road. You...
    Stop and help the poor chap! You'd want him to do the same if you were in his shoes.
    Stop your car in the middle of the road and cause a huge traffic jam. Then find somebody that's willing to help him and drive away feeling like you've really made a difference to the world.
    Open the window and drive past, laughing as loud as you can as you pass him in your fantastic car.
  • 2
    Your son asks you for money to buy a bike he in a shop. What do you say?
    Nothing! Just kick him in the head and tell him to get out of the way of the TV.
    Tell him to ask his mother.
    Give him half the money, and tell him to earn the rest, because you can't be giving him money when he's 47.
  • 3
    You are at the funeral of your old teacher (she was a bitch!). You...
    Tell everyone that she was a bitch and shout out "She was a bitch!" every few minutes during the mass.
    Just go and tell everyone that she was a wonderful woman.
    Just go to the meal afterwards.
  • 4
    Your neighbour is working in his garden and he "accidentally" burns the bush separating you garden from his. You...
    Just forget about it, but tell a few people that he fucks dogs.
    Screw his wife.
    Kick him in the nuts and burn down his house.
  • 5
    You are in a restaurant and the waiter brings you Sprite instead of 7Up. You take one sip of the "7Up" and spit it right back out once you realize what you are drinking. You...
    Complain until you get the whole meal for free.
    Through a massive tantrum and bring them to court, sue for millions, and then beat the crap out of the judge when you don't win.
    Just order coke instead.
  • 6
    You have saved the last piece of your delicious cake until you really feel like it. That time comes. So you sit down in front of the TV and bring the cake with you. While you are concentrating on the TV, that retarded dog of yours pops its ugly head up between your legs and snatches the fucking cake right out of your hand like Jaws, while putting its fat foot in your crotch at the same time! You...
    Roll up your sleeves and make sure he doesn't do it again!
    Just get another cake. But be pissed off at the fucking mutt for the rest of the day.
    Step on his furry little balls and make him cough it up! Then throw him out the window.
  • 7
    You meet and old friend from school and say hi to him! He asks who you are and says that he cannot remember you. You...
    Walk away in disgust, but reassure yourself by telling yourself that he always was a bit slow.
    Throw him through a window.
    Remind him of who you are.
  • 8
    You meet the creator of this quiz (ME!) on the street. You...
    Beat the crap out of him/me for calling you a bastard and for wasting your time.
    Shake his/my hand and tell him/me what a great time you had taking the test.
    Just walk away.
  • 9
    You buy a pair of pants that you really like, but when you get home, everybody tells you that they are pink. You...
    Just colour them in red and wear them because YOU like them! An YOU matter!
    Tell everyone that they're wrong! But bring it back to the store anyway and make a massive scene, just to be difficult.
    Give them to an unusually friendly gay guy you met in a bar.
  • 10
    You find out that your wife is having an affair. You...
    Just fuck someone else.
    Break up with her.
    Kill the guy and make it look like she did it.

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