Which early Sonic Youth Album would you most like?

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There's so many of them out there it can be hard to choose. This helps you choose out of the first 5 Sonic Youth Albums.

  • 1
    What do you prefer song lyrics to be about?
    Hazy love songs
    Liberation and discovery
    Different states of existence
    Being afraid/scared by the world
    Drug-induced dream states
  • 2
    How do you like music to sound?
    Loud and alternative rock
    Chaotic and spooky
    Progy Epics
    Dreamy and blurred
    Like total bliss
  • 3
    How easy to listen to do you like music?
    I don’t care if the songs keep stopping for insanely long wig outs as long as most of it ROCKS!
    I want to be able to jump about to it but I don’t might the odd quite or weird moment
    I want music that is fairly easy to listen to but sounds way better if I focus on it
    I really don’t care if everything is out of tune and it sounds like it was recorded in a shed as long as it sounds good
    I want to be able to do other stuff at the same time as listen to the music, it doesn’t have to be commercial but it can’t be too loud
  • 4
    Where and when do you like to listen to music?
    As loud as possible at home when I get in a REALLY bad mood
    With someone I love
    If it sounds better really late with all the lights off, incense burning and no-one else around then it’s great
    As I go to sleep at night
    In the car on a long journey
  • 5
    Do you prefer more plain rock songs or guitar soundscapes and compositions?
    Neither; I want the music to be so mangled and chaotic that I can’t tell
    About 50/50, with fairly clear borders between the songs but still with a feeling that the music is not all quite there
    Definitely soundscapes, I don’t want clear borders between songs or anything like that but one or two rock songs in the mix might just be okay
    Mainly rock but with guitar soundscapes in the middle of songs which then change back to the song at the end
    Almost all rock songs, but experiments with samples and other cool stuff is okay
  • 6
    Which of these lyrics is most appealing to you?
    “Society is a hole, it makes me lie to my friends”
    “I can’t get laid because everyone is dead”
    “She’s in a bad mood but I’m not falling for it”
    “A Teenage Riot at a public station”
    “My violence is a dream, a real dream”
  • 7
    Are you already a Sonic Youth fan?
    I’ve got one or two albums and I think they’re pretty good but I haven’t found anything really special yet and I would like to
    Yeah, they’re my favourite band and I love their really alternative stuff
    I’ve got some albums and I really like them
    I have heard a few early songs and I’m interested in what I’ve heard
    I have never heard of them but I’d quite like to now
  • 8
    Are you willing to experiment?
    I don’t like really weird music and I do have some prejudices against very “alternative” music but in general I’m okay with it
    I’ll listen to anything until I like it if I want to, and I have no prejudices whatsoever
    Some weird stuff is okay, but if there’s no real tune or lyrics for a whole song I’ll just turn it off
    If the music takes me somewhere I’ve never been before I’ll definitely give it another try but other than that I like most music
    I’ll listen to anything at least once and have very few prejudices
  • 9
    Which name do you like more?
    I honestly don't give a damn about names
    Thurston Moore
    Steve Shelley
    Lee Ranaldo
    Kim Gordon
  • 10
    How much from one to five did you like this test? (trust me this is important)

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