Which early Sonic Youth Album would you most like?

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There's so many of them out there it can be hard to choose. This helps you choose out of the first 5 Sonic Youth Albums.

  • 1
    What do you prefer song lyrics to be about?
    Different states of existence
    Drug-induced dream states
    Hazy love songs
    Liberation and discovery
    Being afraid/scared by the world
  • 2
    How do you like music to sound?
    Dreamy and blurred
    Loud and alternative rock
    Chaotic and spooky
    Progy Epics
    Like total bliss
  • 3
    How easy to listen to do you like music?
    I really don’t care if everything is out of tune and it sounds like it was recorded in a shed as long as it sounds good
    I want music that is fairly easy to listen to but sounds way better if I focus on it
    I don’t care if the songs keep stopping for insanely long wig outs as long as most of it ROCKS!
    I want to be able to jump about to it but I don’t might the odd quite or weird moment
    I want to be able to do other stuff at the same time as listen to the music, it doesn’t have to be commercial but it can’t be too loud
  • 4
    Where and when do you like to listen to music?
    In the car on a long journey
    If it sounds better really late with all the lights off, incense burning and no-one else around then it’s great
    With someone I love
    As I go to sleep at night
    As loud as possible at home when I get in a REALLY bad mood
  • 5
    Do you prefer more plain rock songs or guitar soundscapes and compositions?
    Neither; I want the music to be so mangled and chaotic that I can’t tell
    Mainly rock but with guitar soundscapes in the middle of songs which then change back to the song at the end
    Definitely soundscapes, I don’t want clear borders between songs or anything like that but one or two rock songs in the mix might just be okay
    About 50/50, with fairly clear borders between the songs but still with a feeling that the music is not all quite there
    Almost all rock songs, but experiments with samples and other cool stuff is okay
  • 6
    Which of these lyrics is most appealing to you?
    “A Teenage Riot at a public station”
    “My violence is a dream, a real dream”
    “I can’t get laid because everyone is dead”
    “Society is a hole, it makes me lie to my friends”
    “She’s in a bad mood but I’m not falling for it”
  • 7
    Are you already a Sonic Youth fan?
    I’ve got some albums and I really like them
    Yeah, they’re my favourite band and I love their really alternative stuff
    I have never heard of them but I’d quite like to now
    I’ve got one or two albums and I think they’re pretty good but I haven’t found anything really special yet and I would like to
    I have heard a few early songs and I’m interested in what I’ve heard
  • 8
    Are you willing to experiment?
    I’ll listen to anything until I like it if I want to, and I have no prejudices whatsoever
    If the music takes me somewhere I’ve never been before I’ll definitely give it another try but other than that I like most music
    I’ll listen to anything at least once and have very few prejudices
    Some weird stuff is okay, but if there’s no real tune or lyrics for a whole song I’ll just turn it off
    I don’t like really weird music and I do have some prejudices against very “alternative” music but in general I’m okay with it
  • 9
    Which name do you like more?
    Kim Gordon
    Thurston Moore
    Lee Ranaldo
    I honestly don't give a damn about names
    Steve Shelley
  • 10
    How much from one to five did you like this test? (trust me this is important)

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