Are your "FRIENDS" really your FRIENDS?

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Are you true-blue pals? Or will your friends dump you the minute someone better comes along? Find out here!

  • 1
    How close to your friends do you eat lunch?
    Somewhere in the vicinity of my friends...
    Does being in the same ROOM count?
    Uhh, I don't know where THEY eat.
    Right next to my friends.
  • 2
    When was the last time you and your friends did something together?
    A couple of months ago, but my "friends" have been secretly getting together EVERY weekend w/out inviting me!
    We had a sleepover a couple of weeks ago, we're supposed to go somewhere this Saturday.
    Just 2 nights ago, and we're planning something for this weekend!
    About 5 weeks ago, we haven't really talked about anything else though!
  • 3
    You walk into a room and all of your friends are there. What happens?
    They wave me over and we start talking about how hard 4th period's exam was!
    We talk for a little bit but I mostly walk around and talk to random people.
    I get this really weird feeling like they were just talking about me and they get really quiet...
    We chat for a long time and then we mingle with other people for a while.
  • 4
    Ok, Scenario 1: You & a friend are going to a fund raiser early Saturday morning so you're going to stay w/her on Friday night. She said she'd IM you by 5:30pm to say when she will come and get you. It's now 6:45pm, you're
    talking with her on IM, she just IMed you. "a little late" you say, "but she must have a good reason"
    in her car on the way to her house.
    on the comp. 'till 6:00pm. You get off & call her house & her sister answers the phone. You ask to talk to your friend & her sister replies with, " She's not here, she went over to "name of other frienf's house 2 hours ago!"
    already at her house, you were there by 5:15pm!
  • 5
    One of your friend's is supposed to call over the weekend but she never does. What's her excuse?
    She forgot and she's really sorry! (but you know she called other friends)
    She called on Sunday but couldn't talk long,
    She doesn't need one, she called me!
    She never says why, in fact, she doesn't even talk to me on Monday.
  • 6
    How well do your friends know you?
    All my favorites!
    They know my favorite color, and my brother's name(I think!)
    Everything from my latest crush to...everything!
    They don't know me at all. Nothing about me.
  • 7
    How many true friends would you say you have? Out of 12
    Maybe 2...
    All of them
    About 8 of them
    Just Charlie here *sighs and points to empty chair next to you*
  • 8
    When do your friends talk to you?
    Before, during, and after each class!
    Hmm...They hardly ever talk to me.
    During P.E.
    Before and after classes.
  • 9
    When choosing partners for a project, who does your friend choose?
    She purposely avoids me and chooses some random person.
    Me of course!
    I don't know, she might choose me, or the person sitting across the room...
    She would most likely choose me.
  • 10
    How much time do you spend around/talking to your friends?
    Maybe 2 hours a day.
    Hmm...maybe 4 minutes a day!
    Probably about 9 hours a day, including school.
    Practically 24/7

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