Men of Charmed

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How well do you know the guys from Charmed? It's OK to say it's mainly about the girls but is it really?

  • 1
    Why did Leo clip his wings for a while?
    So Piper would choose him instead of Dan
    He was sick of helping people
    So he and Piper could spend more time together
    He didn't want to see anymore people get killed
    He wanted to lead a normal life
  • 2
    After all the time Darryl helped the Charmed Ones why did he sop helping them?
    He was too upset after Andy died
    His kids were nearly killed
    He nearly got sacked
    His wife was nearly killed
    He was nearly killed
  • 3
    We finally found out who Chris was. Who is he?
    Their cousin
    Wyatt grown up
    Piper's son
    Paige's son
    Phoebe's son
  • 4
    What episode was Wyatt born?
    The Day the Magic Died
    Blinded by the Whitelighter
    House Call
  • 5
    What episode did Andy die in?
    All Hell Breaks Loose
    Beth Takes a Halliwell
    Miss Hellfire
    The Fifth Halliwell
    Deja Vu All Over Again
  • 6
    What are the first names of the actors who play Chris, Darryl, Andy, Cole and Leo?
    Andrew, Simon, Peter, Bob and Steven
    Drew, Dorian, Ted, Julian and Brian
    Drew, Darren, Tom, Jules and Ben
  • 7
    How did Cole get demonic powers from the wasteland?
    He didn't get any other powers
    Phoebe helped him
    The Source sent him them
    He stepped into them
    A fellow demon helped him
  • 8
    Why did Cole want the deeds to the Charmed Ones house?
    If he had the house then the Charmed Ones couldn't get the Book of Shadows
    To get to the Spiritual Nexis
    He wanted to bribe Phoebe to fall back in love with him
  • 9
    What was the main reason that Andy was annoyed with Prue when she told him who she was?
    She wasn't honest to him
    Because she had cast a spell on him
    He thought it might sabotage his job
    It's not everyday you get told about demons and witches
    She took forever to tell him
  • 10
    Who was free Willy in 'The Honeymoon's Over'?
    A Judge
    A demonic Judge
    The Charmed Ones innocent
    Coles demonic friend
  • 11
    In what episode did Paige want to marry Glen?
    Charmed Again
    The Honeymoon's Over
    House Call
  • 12
    How does Glen find out about the girls?
    He sees them vanquish a demon
    He finds the BOS and bags labeled pigs feet
    Paige tells him
    Glen doesn't know they're witches
  • 13
    Who is Leo's last wife's name?
  • 14
    Who nearly exposes the girls in 'Charmed again'?
    Inspector Cortez
    A demon posing as a cop
  • 15
    What did Cole once turn Darryl into?
    A water machine
    He doesn't
    An animal
    A weapon
  • 16
    Why does Cole want Phoebe to drink the tonic?
    He doesn't it's the Seers choice
    Because he is scared she'll go back to her sisters
    Because he doesn't want her good and evil half to tear her up inside
  • 17
    Where do Andy and Prue meet again?
    At the manor
    the Hospital
    Police Station
  • 18
    Who kills future Chris?
    the Charmed Ones
    the Elders
    No one he's still alive
  • 19
    What's Paige's excuse for being able to change Wyatt's nappy but not Chris's?
    She's fed up of changing nappies
    Chris is worse than Wyatt
    She hasn't seen Wyatt grown up
  • 20
    Who is the only guy who hasn't been killed at all(not including the babies)?
    They all have
    Chris (future)