What type of dog are you?

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Cuddly and playful yorky or a wolf hybrid, take this test to find your true dog breed.

  • 1
    It's freezing outside and your owner pats their knee and opens the door, applying they want you to come outside with them. Your mental response is..... (assuming your a dog)
    Outside, okay just as long as you remember my sweater, hair ribbon, shoes,........
    Go outside! In the cold! No way, I'm going to curl up by the fire and chew on my toys.
    Ha! I would already be outdoors because I don't live in pansy houses.
    Yes of course, we can explore and then go back inside to sleep.
    Alright let's jump through the snow! Let's go to the moon! Anywhere you go is fine with me.
  • 2
    It's a hot day out and your owner decides to go the lake, they take you along because duh, your man's best friend. Yet how you react to the lake is.....
    Okay a casual swim sounds great, but don't get peeved if I go off to do my own thing, okay?
    Yeah! Let's go! I will swim from here to Hawaii! I love it all!
    Hmmm, I will sit in the shallows and sniff the reeds for ducks, you can do splash around.
    As long as it's not very deep lets go for it! Lakes are to big, I prefer a mini swimming pool with lifeguards.
    Water? I can't swim! I will however float on a inner tube or raft as long as my owner is there.
  • 3
    Your owner goes to a park and takes you with them, small children see you and run to pet, your owner's response is;
    "Be gentle, it really doesn't like to be petted."
    "Yes you can pet my dog, it loves children."
    "Of course you can pet my puppy, it doesn't bite, just nervous."
    "My dog absolutely adores everybody, you can play fetch with it, if you like."
    "Isn't it cute! It is a spastic little critter, huh?"
  • 4
    Your owner is a complete fanatic about your breed! She invites over a group of people that all love your breed, and they all have their own dog from your breed to! How do you react to these strange dogs in your house?
    We will form a tightly fit congregation and romp about in the field while our owners talk.
    As long as they don't touch my things or threaten my master we can all get along peacefully swimming in the pool.
    The more the merrier! We can play fight all day long and then curl up on the couch when we get tired.
    Why did you bring them here! If these other dogs aren't removed we will all have a fight over alpha male.
    We can cuddle and wrestle, then spring after small bouncy balls.
  • 5
    Assuming you are a female dog, the first thing you teach your pups is,
    To get behind me when indicated so I can snap at all visitors of the master.
    To love your master and eat, also house-training is overrated.
    To romp around and eat steak, also avoid tripping over their big ears.
    Lovable to all, and kind-hearted just like our wonderful owner.
    Be hopelessly adorable and somewhat stuck-up, my pups are the best.
  • 6
    You would be most happy,
    House-size isn't important because I can live in or out, as long as the roaming room is spacious and there is a full supply of small animals to scare.
    I will live wherever, just as long as I can exercise freely and my master is around a lot.
    Outdoors, inside is okay, but I prefer the fresh night air and small rabbits to eat.
    A large fancy home, with plenty of cushions, bowls, and grooming supplies with my name on it.
    Wherever, a comfortable home and a medium-sized backyard is all that I need.
  • 7
    Your owner goes hunting, your reaction is.
    Hunting? Yay! I love be bragged about my great skills.
    Don't be gone to long! No I wouldn't go, unless it's a small tunneling animal in the front yard.
    I go with them of course, how else would they get anything?
    Hunting-with my master? Possibly- I really prefer doing it on my own though.
    I refuse to go, even if I don't do anything, I can be useless in the comfort of my own home, thank-you very much.
  • 8
    Your owner purchases a cat without your consent. The nasty thing actually is going to live in the same house as you- your day-to-day reactions to it are:
    Eat it.
    Growl at the intruder and as long as it plays invisible we will have very little problems, but if it causes problems........
    Ruunn awwwwaaaaayyyy!
    I yip at it constantly if in a playful mood, but whimper and run to my master if it scratches me.
    Play with it, any friend of my master is a friend of mine.
  • 9
    For Christmas a dog breed club your master is involved in gives your master a sweater for you and some bacon-flavored dog treats, your reaction to these gifts are-
    I might mildly tolerate that sweater if it means I get to eat those delicious treats, I will perform for them!
    Sweater? Me? I think not, but I will love my master forever for the treats.
    Another sweater, yes! My wardrobe is almost complete, one treat at a time I'm watching my delicate figure.
    I'm the happiest dog in the world, I want to curl up in my owner's lap wearing my sweater and eat my treats.
    I refuse to touch that sweater, and I will eat all those treats in one gulp if you don't watch out- those and the cat.
  • 10
    Do you have any idea what your going to be?
    I want something sweet, good-looking, and with a great heart that's very loyal.
    Hopefully something tiny, adorable, and everybody loves.
    Maybe something a little less fluffy and more tough, but with a good heart.
    Something sweet and good natured, I'm not really sure.
    I answered a lot of questions that are sort of negative...so maybe I'll get something fierce.

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