What type of Mythical Character are YOU?

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This test should be based on completely TRUE answers, not what you want to get.

  • 1
    What is your favorite color? (overused, i know)
    White or light blue
    White or forest colors
    Black, silver, dark green/blue
    Black or red
    Any color, really
  • 2
    If you were faced with your life-long enemy you would...
    Kill them silently, and fade away.
    Let them live. Hey, They've got lives of their own.
    Seduce them, and let them live the rest of their miserable exsistence as your slave.
    Sigh, "You're STILL alive?" And kill them nonchalantly.
    Give them one last chance to repent with your knife at their throat.
  • 3
    Your favorite romantic partner.
    Partner? Are you implying that I would be STUCK with them?
    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Their personality is what really matters.
    Gentle, and strong. A true leader (for girls)/Wise and fair and beautiful (For men).
    Dark and mysterious, cold, but only you can touch his heart/Independent, and willful. A man trying to protect her? Screw that.
    Sexy, and romantic. Able to take control easily/Temptress, unable to resist her. Clever and shrewd.
  • 4
    You are faced with a swift, deep river. You need to cross. What do you do?
    Build a bridge so others can cross after you.
    Fly over it. Why destroy the lovely scenery with a bridge?
    Find a young tree, carve it, and pole vault across.
    Part the waters and stride through confidently. Bridge what?
    Jump in and swim across. There's no water that can pose a threat to you.
  • 5
    Favorite type of music?
    Music? The only music I need is the sound of nature calling my name.
    Go Gwen! Nirvana, Pennywhistle, hardcore rappers too.
    Classical is always good. Very soothing.
    Popular stuff, you know, like Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff. Oh come on, she can SING!
    Beyonce, Christina, Brittany, Look at those dance moves! Usher, Justin, Chingy
  • 6
    Which Element so totally is YOURS?
    STORMS baby!
  • 7
    A's and B's. It's not really that important.
    A+'s all the way.
    I'm out of school.
    Hot Guys! Or girls. Grades mean nothing. Snag the teacher a few times and they'll let you pass.
    School? What the hell is that? Is that the thing my parents wake me up for each morning? Screw that as well.
  • 8
    Favorite animals.
    Wolves, Tigers.
    Snakes, Spiders, Vicious Cats
    Sharks, Killer Whales, Dolphins
    Falcons, Hawks.
    Anything and everything.
  • 9
    Your best friends boyfriend/girlfriend is VERY hot, and you can't keep your eyes off them. When your friend leaves for a week in Europe, What do you do?
    Nothing, what is the purpose of this question?
    Contact with the opposite sex? Disgusting.
    What friend? She/he didn't take me with her to Europe! Damn them. Kill the significant other.
    Seduce them, OBVIOUSLY. You deserve him/her more.
    Have a few conversations with them, and direct the mind behind the hot body. Interesting
  • 10
    There's an evil force marching on the world, what do you do?
    *Shrug* As long as it doesn't come near me, who cares?
    Ride out and stop them. Evil is evil, and evil must die.
    Nothing. I AM the evil force, you fool!
    Watch, listen, learn, and rise from the ashes to lead the survivors to your kingdom.
    Watch, and laugh my head off as the good guys get ripped to shreds. Stupid tree-huggers.
  • 11
    Your ideal home.
    A nice house nestled near the coast or in the hills of Ireland.
    A converted cathedral.
    An island resort in the Bahamas.
    A small cottage in the wild forests.
    A gothic castle in England.
  • 12
    Your style?
    Whatever I happen to throw on in the morning. As long as it gets me through the day, I don't care what it is.
    Comfortable, but stylish. pastels, blues, greens.
    Black, with chains, and cut-offs.
    Traditional clothing, kind of expensive, but it looks great. Like button-ups, suits, stuff.
    Revealing. Hey, I'm comfortable with my body.
  • 13
    Favored weapon.
    My bare hands. I'm a black-belt.
    Sword, duh.
    Magic items. I couldn't live without my amulets and rings.
    Morning star, or claws.
    Staff. What more do you need?
  • 14
    Which is more important?
    Love, and happiness, and well-being.
    Passion, and sex.
  • 15
    Favorite phrase/phrases.
    "What do you mean, Jaime's coming back early? I thought she was in Germany!"/"Damn it! It's MY turn to be the one with the whip!"
    "Be careful what you wish for."
    "Screw that."/"You've got two choices. Hand over the money without question, or hand over the money with your neck parallel to your shoulders."
    "And it shall harm none."
    "But did you listen to me? Nooooo!"
  • 16
    Favorite type of magic/rituals.
    Consecrating places with the sweat of our bodies.
    Air based rituals.
    Nature based rituals.
    Circle magic.
    Blood magic, sacrifices.
  • 17
    Favorite celebration.
    MY birthday.
  • 18
    What's your outlook on relationships?
    Hah, the most entertaining things ever.
    Never again.
    Ugh. Pigs will fly.
    Do one night stands count?
    My one True Love.

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