What are you really like?

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Take this test to find out what sort of a person you really are

  • 1
    A gang of townies abuse you from the other side of the street
    Pull out your shotgun and give in to your blood rage
    Flail your arms around for a while and run around screaming
    Ignore them, they'll get bored eventually
    Hurl abuse back, they deserve as good as they give
    Run across the street and beat the living shit out of every one of those fuckers
  • 2
    You are walking down the street and a car hits a pedestrian on the side of the road. There is nobody else around and the car speeds off. The pedestrian is unconscious. What do you do?
    Dial 999 straight away
    Ignore it, it's nothing to do with you
    Break the pedestrian's neck and steal his wallet.
    Attempt to revive the patient yourself
    Flail your arms in the air and run around screaming
  • 3
    You are trying to fix a cupboard door but you are having trouble doing it. What do you do?
    Wrench the door off the cupboard and use it to annihilate everything in your path
    Give into your anger and kick the door in
    Keep trying even though your tempers getting the better of you
    Flail your arms in the air and run around screaming
    Take a break from it for a while and come back later
  • 4
    You find out your best has insulted you behind your back. What do you do?
    Have a "word" with him/her about it later
    Flail your arms in the air and run around screaming
    Think nothing of it, he/she was probably drunk
    Devote your life towards the slow and painful death of your friend
    Find him/her and beat them shitless
  • 5
    A dog jumps on you. What do you do?
    Flail your arms in the air and run around screaming
    Try to push it off
    Use your teeth as weapons and bite its ear off
    Snap its neck and use its body as fuel for your rage
    Pat it, it's a good dog
  • 6
    Somebody designs you a quiz and gets you to take it. What do you think while you're doing it?
    "Marshmallows are tasty if you cook them with petrol"
    "It was very kind of him to design this test for me"
    *Indecipherable thoughts of pure rage*
    "I will kill him one day..."
    "Does he have nothing to do with his time?"
  • 7
    a b c d e ...
    F for fuck stain
    Die fucking die!
  • 8
    You are typing on your computer and it explodes for no apparent reason. What do you do?
    Think nothing of it, computers always sort themselves out
    Explode with it
    Use the debris to construct a super death ray
    Emit a piercing screech
    Flail your arms, fall over, and spin around on the floor in circles screaming
  • 9
    Do you like crowded town centres?
    *Pulls out a shotgun and starts threatening*
    Hell yea, plenty of people to violate rectally
    Yes, the feeling of communal joy gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness
    Not really, people bore me
    No, they make me feel psychotic and afraid
  • 10
    What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word: "Masticate"
    Masturbate? Why are you asking me?
    Violence and rage!
    Flailing and screaming
    Chewing, I feel the need for food
    World domination!

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