Blackadder quiz

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Sure, you've seen every episode, but were you paying attention?

  • 1
    What does Baldrick say when trouble comes?
    I have a courageous plan.
    I have a clever plan.
    I have a cunning plan.
    I have a crafty plan.
  • 2
    With whom does General Melchett fall in love after a bit of gender confusion?
  • 3
    What is Balrick's first name?
    Sh** face
    Shut up
    Sod off
  • 4
    Why doesn't Lord Blackadder get married in the episode "Bells"?
    The queen had his girlfriend's nose cut off because it was too pretty.
    He failed to give the queen a Christmas gift, so she gave his girlfriend to Lord Melchett.
    His cross-dressing girlfriend runs off during their wedding.
  • 5
    What does Nurse always come to fancy dress parties as?
    A bit of wood
    A pencil case
    A cow
    A sheep
    A pencil
  • 6
    Who does the Duke of Wellington unwittingly kill?
    Prince George, dressed as Blackadder
    Blackadder, dressed as Prince George
    McAdder, dressed as Blackadder dressed as prince George
    The rosebush
  • 7
    How does Captain Blackadder avoid his death sentence after killing General Melchett's pigeon?
    George's uncle had the decision reversed.
    He puts a bag over his head and pretends to be Farrow, whose decision was just reversed.
    He tricked the prison guard into taking a drink with a suicide pill in it.
  • 8
    When Blackadder is old he wants to...
    Be wild
    Annoy people by pretending to be deaf
    Be dead
    Be rich
  • 9
    According to the theme song, Blackadder...
    Got caught in a birch
    Was busted in the church
    Failed where he did search
    Trusted in the church
  • 10
    Where did Darling try to get transferred to?
    The Twenty minuters
    The Women's Auxiliary Balloon Corps
    No man's land, to become a war artist