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How well do you know Roswell? Test your knowledge to find out.

  • 1
    What song replaced "Adam's Song" by Blink 182?
    "Shine" by Electrostatic
    "Never Let You Go" by Third Eye Blind
    "Did You Disappoint Your God?" by Neva Dinova
    "Falling Out" by Reliant K
    "Yellow Light" by Remy Zero
  • 2
    Which one of these would fit the archetypal role of the damsel/man in distress?
    Max Evans
    Kyle Valenti
    All of the above
    Liz Parker
    Isabel Evans
  • 3
    Did Isabel/Vilandra betray her family back on Antar?
  • 4
    In the Roswell High books, what was the evil adversary's name?
  • 5
    Did Kyle & Isabel sleep together in "A Tale of Two Parties"?
  • 6
    In the Roswell High series, who had the power to dream-walk?
    Max, Michael, and Isabel
    Only Isabel
  • 7
    In the Roswell High series how did Valenti die?
    Adam burned him to nothing but ash
    Adam (possessed by Dupris) burned him to nothing but ash
    Isabel killed him because she was afraid of him.
  • 8
    Where did Michael have a brother?
    He never had a brother
    Roswell TV series
    Roswell High books
  • 9
    In the book "Turnabout" Ava ended up being who?
    A normal human girl
    Max-King Zan's true wife; Tess was the dupe
    The same person as Tess; manipulative
  • 10
    What is the title to Roswell High book number 6?
    The Stowaway
    The Outsider
    The Intruder
  • 11
    What words are on the back of Roswell High #5?
    "Love...too late?"
    "Circle of danger..."
    "Trust betrayed..."
  • 12
    Who wrote the book "Skeletons in the Closet?"
    Melinda Metz
    Michael A. Martin
    Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
    Andy Mangels
  • 13
    In "Turnabout" what is Langley's new idea?
    doing a series of alien kids who are stranded on Earth
    Never to listen to Max's orders again
    To go back to Antar
  • 14
    How many series books are there for Roswell?
  • 15
    Who said, "I don't know. Maybe you were kidnapped by aliens or something."
  • 16
    Who said, "I don't know. I just hope I recognize it when I see it."
    Jeff Parker
    Phillip Evans
    Jim Valenti
  • 17
    How did Mr.Parker find out about Max?
    Mr.Parker never found out about Max
    Phillip Evans told him something wasn't right with Max
    Through Liz' journal
  • 18
    Who would fit the archetypal role of the Herald?
    Future Max
    Future Max, Larek, Max & Isabel's real mother
    Max & Isabel's real mother
  • 19
    In "Summer of '47" what was Colin Hanks' role?
    Hal Carver
    Sheridan Cavitt
    Mac Brazel
  • 20
    What TV show did Isabel consider her life to be like?
    My Favorite Martian
    I Dream of Jeanie
  • 21
    What did Mr.Evans mean when he said, "And your mother and I have been a part of that battle, haven't we?"
    They hadn't known about the secret and would wonder what was up with their kids and try to pressure Max and Isabel into letting them in
    They have been helping Max (and the group) fight their enemies
    He meant nothing by it
  • 22
    Who would fit in the archetypal role of 'father-son/family conflict?"
    Jim & Kyle
    Max/Liz & Parents
    Jim & Kyle; Phillip & Max; Max/Liz & Parents
    Phillip & Max
  • 23
    What song did Max sing to Liz?
    "I Shall Believe"
    "Here With Me"
    "Tres Dias"
  • 24
    What rating did "Blind Date" receive?
  • 25
    Is it possible that we might get a Roswell movie?
    It doesn't matter to me
    Roswell is over; let it go

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