Your element is...?

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Find your element! Be truthful! Long quiz...

  • 1
    Favourite color?
  • 2
    Favorite quote?
    "Hidden power is better then hidden lack of power"
    "Stand your ground"
    "Everyone can grow and learn, only I can adapt"
    "I'm not a dumb blond.... ooh look a butterfly!"
    "You will die and I will be all powerful!"
  • 3
    what are your friends like?
    We're all on the honour roll.
    We're thought to be smart and powerless, but wisdom is greater then strength.
    All of my friends are bullies, but inside we aren't very powerful.
    I am soooo popular! everyone thrives off of me!
    I don't have many friends, they all get bored of me eventually.
  • 4
    Pick you're art.
    Anything that I like really, I'm not that picky.
    A plant in a pot.
    A painting of a sunrise.
    Stone carving
    Pretty pink picture frame.
  • 5
    Are you a people person?
    People NEED me to be able to survive. They wouldn't last seconds without my greatness!
    We get along pretty well. They like my inner beauty.
    They walk all over me.
    People don't know it, but they need me. I don't even know it, but they need me.
    I don't like people. They are scared of me. That's that.
  • 6
    Are you an animal person?
    I adore animals, like them a lot better than people too!
    Haha, you've got to be kidding me. I was one of those kids that tortured animals when I was young.
    I like fluffy puppies and dolphins!
    Not really.
    Yes, I love animals. A lot of them love me too.
  • 7
    What's your dream house?
    A tree.
    Some little cabin or beach house, where I can spend my whole life.
    I don't like to live in one place, I travel from home to home.
    A huge mansion!
    A stone building.
  • 8
    What is your inner age?
    I have multiple personalities, sometimes child, sometimes elder...
    Don't care
  • 9
    What was your childhood like?
    I can't remember, it was so long ago...
    I was spoiled rotten with anything I ever wanted!
    I was very smart, and learned to talk walk and potty trained at a very early age.
    My parents gave me a lot of freedom, too much I guess.
    My parents drink, do drugs, and ignored me in every way possible.
  • 10
    Favorite food?
    Something spicy.
    I am on a diet.
    Anything that's edible.
    I like seafood.
    I'm a vegan.
  • 11
    Favorite word?
    Like, totally!
  • 12
    What stereotype do you fit into?
    The loser.
    The future leaders.
    The future money makers.
    The goth.
    The popular prep.
  • 13
    Favorite number?
    69... teehee
  • 14
    What era do you think you were destined to live in? Why?
    In the 60's, peace man!
    Before people came to earth, and ruined it.
    When the world was created, so i could destroy it.
    Right now! All the fashion models, famous actresses, technology...
    In the stone age. I don't know why.

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