How deep is your love?

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How deep is your love? Can it stand the length of time?

  • 1
    What is a good indicator of chemistry?
    Spending hours on the phone talking with your guy.
    Being able to finish each other's sentences.
    Being unable to keep your hands off of your man.
  • 2
    Which statement best characterizes your relationship?
    We often argue about where things are headed.
    Though we may have different feelings about where things are headed, we're both pretty happy with it so far.
    We are both equally committed to making it work, and have similar feelings about where it is headed
  • 3
    When you raise an issue you feel is important, your partner typically...
    Reacts in unpredictable ways.
    Gets annoyed or angry at me for bringing it up.
    Stops what he's doing to discuss it until we reach a resolution.
  • 4
    When he/she raises an issue he/she feels is important, YOU typically...
    React in various ways, depending on your mood.
    Ask him/her if you could discuss it later.
    Stop what your am doing and discuss it until you both reach a resolution.
  • 5
    Which statement is closest to the truth?
    Part of me is a little jealous and suspicious when he mentions a female acquaintance.(or visa versa)
    Cheating on him is the last thing I can imagine doing, but I am not so sure about my partner.
    I have other male friends and he has other female friends. We trust each other completely.(or visa versa)
  • 6
    When you have to cancel on a planned night out with your partner, he/she usually...
    Gets angry and does the same to you next time.
    Quickly makes plans and goes out with friends.
    Accepts and gets over it.
  • 7
    You like it when romance feels...
    Steady and obviously going somewhere.
    Mysterious and unpredictable.
    Like a minor undercurrent in your life.
  • 8
    Typically, you like to make up after a fight by..
    Forgive and Forget
    Forgive yet dwell over it
    Talk about it
  • 9
    When it comes to telling your lover about your life, you...
    Prefer to keep it all private.
    Can't wait to spill everything, even about the broken fingernail.
    Like to share daily events, but not the fingernail report.
  • 10
    Your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day gift is...
    A pink teddy bear wearing a heart-studded T-shirt that says "I love you beary, beary much."
    A silk kimono.
    A sweater that your beloved knit by hand.

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semy ( 80.41 )
Posted 303 days ago
i know he loves me for really because he tells me every time we talk