Trade Federation Test 2

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If you thought last one was hard, try this one! If you thought last one was easy, try this one!
It's cool, with harder questions and more of them!

  • 1
    What is the name of the Battle Droid Commander?
  • 2
    Why were MAFs never used in active combat?
    The programming was not yet finished
    There were too many bugs in them at the time
    They had not yet been invented
    They were too big to move easily
    They were too expensive to construct
  • 3
    How many MTTs were used in the epic Battle on the Naboo Plains?
  • 4
    What was the purpose of the Super Battle Droid?
    Higher firepower
    More fierce appearance
    A self-contained control unit
    More programming capability
    Thicker armor
  • 5
    Why was the Droid Starbomber never used?
    The programming was wrong
    They were too cumbersome to use
    The command script took too long to write so targets were always wrong
    They had not been invented at the time
    They dont exist
  • 6
    Why was the Droideka never used in the Plains battle?
    The small energy source made them too short-lived
    The transport unit was attacked
    Construction flaws kept them off the battlefield
    Only a few prototypes existed a the time
    The MTT containing the regiment crashed before combat
  • 7
    What was the main disadvantage of the Droid Starfighter?
    They were too lightly armored
    They had too little control and maneuverability
    They too were linked to the OCPs
    There were not enough in a squadron
    Their arsenal was severely lacking
  • 8
    What artifact did the Jedi Dooku find that could have changed the tide of battle?
    The Dark Lightsaber
    The Force Harvester
    The Ancient Sith Tome
    The Force Amplifier
    The Ancient Ruins of Yavin 4
  • 9
    Who destroyed the artifact?
    Anakin Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker
    Qui-gonn Jinn
    Han Solo
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • 10
    Why was the AAT so effective in combat?
    Thick armor
    Good maneuverability
    All of the above
    Extensive arsenal
    They weren't linked to the orbitals
  • 11
    What does CIS stand for?
    Comrades in Infractioned Systems
    Colonial Independent Separatists
    Controllers of Independent Systems
    Controlled Internal Separatists
    Capitalized Introverted Specialists
  • 12
    Why did the Trade Federation become the CIS?
    They controlled much of the galaxy
    They were head political powers
    They cut off trade when too many defective parts were sent to them "Accidentally"
  • 13
    What race was Nute Gunray?
  • 14
    Why was the Geonosian Spire such a critical location?
    The planet had a rich ecosystem
    There was a high demand for Geonosian Crystals
    It was one of the only remaining Galactic Monitoring stations
    The geonosians were being enslaved
    The planet was a key production planet
  • 15
    What was the Hailfire Droid's main weakness?
    Too large of a body
    Unsupportive frame led to critical structural malfunction
    Too much tactical programming hindered real-time combat decision making
    Not enough anti-piercing plating
    Weak arsenal and short range

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