Which group should you hang with?

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Which of these groups should you hang with: prep, band nerd, or all around jock? Take this and find out!

  • 1
    You walk into school and see your friends. Where are they?
    Down in the band room, with all the other band nerds, of course!
    In the computer lab, or in a corner with a select group.
    Standing around with a big group of people in the commons area...duh.
  • 2
    You go to stand with your friends and you begin to talk. What do you talk about?
    Clothes, fashion, and our popularity.
    The competition show for band. It's what we're all focused on.
    Computer games and our newest accomplishments.
  • 3
    You examine everyone else's clothes. What're they wearing?
    Band shirts or something random...always short-sleeved in the fall.
    Designer clothes, or something like Abercrombie and Fitch.
    Checkered shirts and shorts, or just something I threw on.
  • 4
    Your favorite teacher appears nearby. They notice you and walk over and begin a conversation with you. What do they say?
    "You weirdoes."
    "Nice to see you this morning...did you finish your homework?"
    "Hello, gentlemen! You did fantastic on your project!"
  • 5
    If someone asked you, "What's your problem?" what would you say?
    You whimper and get away as quickly as possible.
    You round up your football buddies and slam the person.
    You ignore them or cuss them out.
  • 6
    You see your crush walking across the parking lot. You wave and s/he walks over to you, and you see them holding something in their hands. What are they holding?
    Several books and maybe some computer papers.
    Nothing. They never have homework.
    An instrument of some sort, or music.
  • 7
    What are your friends like?
    We're all different, but our love for something similar lets us come together.
    We all are the same....mostly.
    We fight all the time...then we fight with someone else.
  • 8
    A band student walks up the hallway. What do you say to him?
    I ignore him and keep walking, noting how disgusting he smells.
    I watch him fearfully....those band kids are scary.
    He's one of my buddies, so I call him over and we talk.
  • 9
    The computer nerd in your Phys Ed class needs help. He can't figure out how to play the game you're playing. What do you do, assuming that you help him?
    Help him a bit scornfully.
    Help him with as much kindness as I can muster.
    Band together with him...I don't understand either!
  • 10
    Finally....a jock, a band nerd, and a computer nerd get into an argument. Who would you stick up for?
    Band nerd
    Computer nerd

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