Which 'Lost' chic are you?

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Find out which girl from the hit TV show 'Lost' you are. Are you heroic Kate, bratty Shannon, silent Sun or pregnant Claire?

  • 1
    What would have been the most likely reason for you to be aboard Oceanic Flight 815 in the first place?
    Going on holiday
    On the run
    You had people to visit
    Business trip
  • 2
    The plane has crashed and now you're stuck on the island, stranded. What do you do next?
    Stand around screaming and hope someone will help
    Go for a walk in the forest to clear your head
    Sit down and try to calm yourself
    Find your husband, he'll know what to do
  • 3
    The day after you've crashed and you're bored. There's nothing to do on the island and you need to find a way to entertain yourself. You decide to...
    Give yourself a pedicure
    Nothing, you've been told to sit tight
    Try to help out with the luggage from the plane
    Go out looking for water, food, etc.
  • 4
    A week has passed and some your fellow survivors have given up hope of being rescued. They've decided to move to some caves they've found. Do you go with them?
    I'm not sure, I guess I kinda like the beach
    Yes it's about survival, who's knows when help will come?
    Of course not, you could be rescued at any time
    No, you don't think you could face living there yet
  • 5
    So people are getting used to this new way of life but they've began to realize all of the pros and cons. What's your biggest concern?
    The others might discover your deep dark secret
    Nothing really, you're trying to look on the bright side
    There's some crazy person in the jungle who's after you
    You have a fairly serious illness that could kick in at any time
  • 6
    You're beginning to befriend some of the people on the island. Who do you think you would probably get on best with?
  • 7
    Oh my God, the pregnant girl just got kidnapped! What do you do?
    Go out into the forest looking for her
    Wait and see if they ask you for help
    Hey, YOU'D be the one who got kidnapped
    So? What's that got to do with you?
  • 8
    The boars running a little thin and there's little to eat but various fruits. What do you do about it?
    Pester the hunters until they catch something
    Gather a small group and go hunting yourself
    Go fishing, who needs boar?
    I'll just live off the bananas
  • 9
    At long last, you've been rescued! A ship has seen your signal fire and they've come for you. What do you say to them?
    You speak in a different language so that they can't understand you
    Guess it's time to go
    Thank you, so much
    It's about frickin' time!
  • 10
    And now you're off the island. Yay, time for a party! How do you celebrate?
    Go back home with my husband
    Go shopping and buy loads of nice things, duh!
    Jump on the next plane out of the country and resume life on the run
    Throw a HUGE party and invite a load of friends

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