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Everything you should know about sex

  • 1
    Is there a cure for AIDS and HIV?
    No, not yet
    Yes, people use it all the time
    Yes, but it's ineffective
    Yes, but people cant use it because AIDS and HIV happen to quickly for it to work
  • 2
    How can you get HIV?
    From giving Blood
    Just having sex with out a condom
    Through any sexual contact with a specific four fluids
    From Monkeys
  • 3
    Can you tell if a person has AIDS or HIV
    Yes, they are very sick in the hospital
    No, but if you look closely, people with HIV have a special mark on their back
    No, people with HIV can look and feel well
    Yes, they have their penis or vagina removed
  • 4
    What species can get HIV/AIDS
    Humans and Monkeys
  • 5
    What bodily fluids can you get HIV from?
    Tears, semen, and saliva
    Blood, semen, sweat, breast milk
    Saliva, semen, vaginal fluid
    Vomit, feces, urine and blood
    Blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk
  • 6
    What behaviors can transmit HIV?
    Both sexual contact and sharing drinks
    Sexual contact with an infected person (anal, vaginal, oral sex)
    Sleeping with an infected person
    Sharing drinks with an infected person
  • 7
    Can you get HIV sometimes from getting your ears pierced or getting a tattoo?
    yes if the person has a cut on their finger
    yes, if they breathe on your ear
    yes, if they use the same needle for every person
  • 8
    Can a pregnant woman with AIDS give it to the child?
    No unless they breast feed the baby
    No if they get a C-section
    Yes if they have the baby through the vagina
  • 9
    Can HIV be transmitted from the following
    Female to male
    Female to female
    Female, to female, male to male, female to male
    Male to male
  • 10
    Can you get HIV from a relative?
  • 11
    You can get HIV from...
    using the same toilet
    swimming in the same pool as an infected person
  • 12
    What is the 100% way to ensure that you will not get HIV?
    Using some kind of lubricant
    Only having sex with one person
    Using a condom
  • 13
    What condom is the safest?
    Sheep skin
  • 14
    Where is the safest place to store condoms?
    Glove compartment
  • 15
    Do condoms expire?
    some do some don't
    It doesn't matter, either way they never loose effectiveness
  • 16
    To open a condom, you
    Biting it open
    Using your hand
    Using a knife
    Using scissors
  • 17
    To ensure extra protection you...
    Have a morning-after pill available
    Use two condoms
    Do it during your period
    Using some form of birth control
  • 18
    Don't forget to...
    Pinch the tip of the condom to ensure extra sensation
    Pinch the tip of the condom to make sure it doesn't fall off
    Pinch the tip of the condom to blow out any STD's
    Pinch the tip of the condom to release any air
  • 19
    Use a...
    Water-based lubricant
    Oil-based Lubricant
    Cream-based Lubricant
    No lubricant
  • 20
    What type of lubricant, if using one should you use?
    Body oil
    Ky Jelly
  • 21
    When done having sex, you
    Pull penis out pushing condom into vagina
    Pull penis out making sure it's erect so there is no leaking
    Pull penis out after its gone limp
  • 22
    What do you do with the condom after done?
    Flush it down the toilet
    Throw it away
    Put it in a drawer to use again later
    Wash it out, then put it away for future use
  • 23
    How to know if you have HIV is...
    Look for swelling of the sexual area
    Hair loss and Common Cold symptoms
    Painful stomach aching, and vomiting
    Go to a doctor and get tested for it
  • 24
    Only people who are......get HIV
    use drugs
    Have sex with an infected person
    Are gay
    are lesbian
  • 25
    Can mosquitoes spread HIV from person to person?
  • 26
    The most common reason for condom failure is
    Non-educated people engaging in sexual activities
    Manufacturing defects
    Allergic reactions to lubricant
  • 27
    The risk of getting HIV from blood donation is
  • 28
    Its okay for a male to wait as long as he wants to withdraw as long as he holds the condom so there is no leakage
    Don't know
  • 29
    What is the least risky contact?
    mouth to clitoris
    Mouth to mouth contact
    Hand on penis
    touching breasts with hands
  • 30
    What is the most risky contact?
    Mouth to Penis
    Mouth to clitoris
    Penis to vagina
    Penis to anus
  • 31
    What percentage are condoms safe?
  • 32
    Is HIV and AIDS the same thing?
    They are half and half
  • 33
    What is HIV?
    The disease that starts AIDS
    The virus that starts AIDS
    the same as AIDS
  • 34
    Is having sex really necessary in order to have a successful relationship?
    No, there are other ways to express love
    No, but it's hard
    Yes relationship=sex
    Yes, everyone who doesn't have sex are prude

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